Channel 4 and Walter Presents ‘The Out-Laws’

Channel 4

Forget the in-laws from hell, here come The Out-Laws. Four sisters with a shared hatred and loathing for their brother-in-law, a pain in the ass just asking for trouble.

The Goethals sisters are a close knit bunch but ever since their fifth sister’s marriage, the bond has frayed. One by one they reach breaking point until together, the four sisters decide to bump-off their brother-in-law.

Whilst planning a murder is easy, committing it is another story and with each mounting failure, the collateral damage grows. Still, the four women soldier on devising increasingly complex ways to kill the bastard, unearthing many of Jean-Claude’s skeletons in the process. Soon it becomes apparent that the sisters may not be the only ones that want him dead.

Jean-Claude’s eventual death attracts the attention of Thomas and Mathias Dewitt, two brothers desperate not to pay out on his hefty life insurance policy. With bankruptcy looming they open an investigation into Jean-Claude’s dubious death, interrogating each sister in turn. An unexpected spark ignites between Mathias and the youngest sister, further entangling the Goethals girls in a web of lies and distrust. The deeper the Dewitt brothers delve, the more obvious it becomes that Jean-Claude didn’t die of natural causes. It is now up to these four sisters to outwit the Dewitts, but will they get away with murder?

The production is a multi-award winning smash hit comedy from Belgium. A compulsive whodunit featuring one of the best baddies in TV history – by the end of the series you’ll be baying for Jean-Claude’s blood.

The Out-Laws launches on Channel 4 in early June and will be available on Walter Presents at

Channel 4