BBC Two to explore the American justice system

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BBC Two will explore the American justice system in the state of Florida in a new series, American Justice.

Located in the city of Jacksonville, Duval County – a Republican heartland with a reputation for tough justice – this series tells the story of the justice system through the eyes of those who administer it every day. With access to the criminal courthouse, the sheriff’s office, county jail, public defender and the state attorney, American Justice will offer viewers a rare and revealing look inside the system.

From crime scenes and trials to incarceration and beyond, the series will dissect each aspect of the justice system. Exploring the ethical, moral and legal dilemmas faced by the characters featured, the series will follow the same cases from the perspective of the rookie cop to the hardline attorney, finding human stories and extraordinary narratives at every turn of the wheel.

Filmed in the run up to the US Presidential elections, Florida will be placed under the microscope. American Justice will ask important questions and explore the key themes at the forefront of debate: gun laws, police, mass incarceration, juvenile justice, race and poverty – the series will reveal more about the wider issues faced by Americans across the entire US and provide a unique perspective on justice in America.

American Justice will air on BBC Two shortly.

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