Will Millard to spend a year with a tribe for BBC Two

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After the success of Hunters of The South Seas, Will Millard is going back to Indonesia for A Year With The Tribe.

The three-part series for BBC Two will see changes to the format. This time, instead of spending a month with three different tribes, he is going to commit to a single location, which he will return to four times over the course of a year.

He will fully immerse himself in the lives and stories of the tribe’s people, and using his Indonesian language skills, open up the community in a way that has never been achieved before.

Births, marriages, deaths, initiation rites and the changing of the seasons all bring their own drama, and Will will be there to share it. Spending a year with the same people will take him beyond the role of the ‘curious visitor’, and into open up a whole new way of presenting anthropology on television.

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