Stephen Mulhern to host another ITV game show

Stephen Mulhern Catchphrase ITV

Stephen Mulhern is to Go For It with another ITV game show added to his IMDB while Bradley Walsh becomes almost as over-used as Phillip Schofield with yet another show for the channel.

Go For It aims to discover the weirdest and most unique skills that our nation has to offer and then put them to the test. For example, only in the UK could someone guess people’s weight just by lifting them, or name 20 breeds of goat just by milking them or even recognise 30 types of wood whilst blindfolded simply by smell alone.

“This is a show in which we could discover people’s most unbelievable talents.  OAP’s cracking walnuts with their eyelids to teenagers identifying brands of toilet paper by taste alone. Until now there hasn’t been a televisual forum to display these skills. With Go For It, there is now – I can’t wait.” – Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor for Entertainment

Each show will put these unbelievable and quirky skills to the test, will they make the nation gasp, laugh or just shock them into silence?! Each of the challengers will get the chance to show off to the nation and get £1000 in cash if they successfully complete their unusual skill on air.

Go For It is based on Talpa’s Challenge Me! format, which has already been produced in USA, Netherlands and Ukraine. Stephen Mulhern also hosts the revived Catchphrase for the channel and well as recent productions including Pick Me and Corrie V Emmerdale; The Big Quiz.

Stephen Mulhern on Catchphrase STV

ITV also this week announced that former Coronation Street actor and comedian Bradley Walsh is to host a new game show for the channel following the success of The Chase.

Cash Trapped is a ten part series with a unique twist: nobody leaves until somebody wins. Based on an original idea by Bradley Walsh, Cash Trapped sees six contestants battle it out across a series of fast paced question rounds that see them actively trying to sabotage their opponents. At the end of each episode, the player who’s earned the most cash will take on the other five for the right to take their money home. If they succeed, then everyone else will leave empty-handed – so their opponents will be desperate to stop them. If they fail, everyone will remain Cash Trapped and all six contestants, and the cash they’ve won, roll over to the next episode. So one set of contestants could play for just one show, or keep coming back again and again, building money all the time. Cash Trapped will air later this year.

“Glenn Hugill and the team at Possessed have taken Bradley’s brilliant idea and turned it into a really compelling TV gameshow. We all loved the pilot episode and are delighted to have it in our schedule.” – Helen Warner, ITV’s Director of Daytime

As well as fronting The Chase Bradley is also presenting Tonight at the London Palladium for ITV and has previously hosted game show Wheel of Fortune for the channel.

Tonight at the London Palladium