E4 to air ‘Car Modifying’ series with Carjackers


E4 has commissioned Carjackers, an all-new makeover series with a difference. The Carjackers are a team of some of Britain’s best mechanics and modifiers who in each episode will be tasked with secretly transforming run-of-the-mill motors into head-turning character cars.

“I’m looking forward to the Carjackers delighting both our E4 audience and some unsuspecting car owners with their unique set of skills. After all, who wouldn’t want their boring old car turned into a giant hot dog?” – Head of Formats Dom Bird

The car modifiers will learn more about the car owner’s likes and dislikes from their family and friends, before having just days to totally transform the vehicle at the pop-up Carjackers garage. If the owner doesn’t like his or her new-look set of wheels, the Carjackers will have to undo their work and return the vehicle as they found it.

The twenty part series, of half-hour episodes, will air later in the year on E4

“With jaw-dropping makeovers and a larger than life cast, Carjackers will be a comedy show first and a car show second – it’s ‘changing vrooms’ for the E4 generation.” – executive producer Karl Warner

Channel 4