Ardal O’Hanlon to host Channel 4 series showcasing the best of Ireland

Father Ted - Channel 4

Comic actor Ardal O’Hanlon is to present a three part series bringing the best of Ireland to Channel 4 screens.

Each hour long slot of Ardal’s Ireland will explore the Emerald Isle and Irish life as he goes off the beaten track around his beloved homeland.

“I’m delighted to be working with Ardal O’Hanlon and Big Mountain Productions, creating a series that I know will be rich in beauty, insight and eccentricity.” – Channel 4 Features commissioning editor Lizi Wootton

Using a series of Victorian guidebooks , written by Mr & Mrs S C Hall to tempt the English over to Ireland, Ardal will meet the people who make the country the great nation that it is. He will roam from small towns to idiosyncratic attractions, detour from pulpit to pub and rejoice in the unique festivities and characters you could only find in Ireland.

Ardal’s Ireland will unearth and share an Ireland you could only know by having grown up there – or having been a member of one of the most famous Irish ecclesiastical TV families Father Ted!

“This is an exciting, fun authentic series we’re making in Ireland for C4 with one of Ireland’s top comedy talents. And it’s a great opportunity for us to build and nurture our brilliant development and production teams here.” – executive producer Jane Kelly

There is currently no air date set for the series.

Channel 4

Pictured Top: Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, with Ardal O’Hanlon (left), the late Dermot Morgan (centre top), Pauline McLynn (Right and the late Frank Kelly (centre bottom) as Father Dougal, Father Ted, Mrs. Doyle and Father Jack.

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