Noel Fielding to host Only in Japan

Noel Fielding - Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Channel 4 is to air a one-off special show, Only in Japan, presented by Noel Fielding.

The special studio-based show brings back to screens the kind of pleasures Clive James and Chris Tarrant offered with their ‘…on TV’ shows of the 1980s and 90s.

Fielding will offer a look at popular culture in Japan and, in particular, the weird and wonderful world of Japanese game shows. They’re big in Japan, but could any of them take off over here? Japanese pop culture is one of the most distinct modern day cultures in the world. Noel will explore the news, adverts, products and inventions from the land of the rising sun – from the slightly unusual to the downright bizarre.

Once he has got a feel for this remarkable society Noel will challenge two teams of famous faces to compete in rounds from often peculiar but always fun Japanese gameshows, all in a bid to win the honour of becoming champions. Will these Japanese games take off here or will they get lost in translation?

The programme is produced by Rumpus Media for Channel 4, an air date is yet to be set by the broadcaster.

Channel 4