Sky 1 steps inside The Freemasons

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Sky 1 opens the door to Freemasonry in new four part documentary, Inside The Freemasons.

“We’re thrilled to have been given such unprecedented access to the hidden world of the Freemasons to make a documentary series. Most people are familiar with Freemasons as an organisation, but few actually know who they are, what ‘Lodge life’ is really like and why men join in the 21st Century.” – Emma Read, executive producer for Emporium Productions

Sky is going behind the scenes of the world’s oldest social network later this year. Airing this winter the documentary features the most in-depth look ever at the Freemasons in the run up to its 300th anniversary in 2017 and discovers the truth behind the ancient rituals and closely-guarded practices of this membership organisation.

“As we approach our Tercentenary it is fitting that we mark this auspicious occasion by very openly sharing a look at who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We hope the programme will help inform, educate and even surprise, providing a genuine insight and understanding into Freemasonry and Freemasons today.” – John Hamill, Director, Special Projects at the United Grand Lodge of England

With footage of Freemason ceremonies, never seen before on television, Inside The Freemasons uses unprecedented access to the United Grand Lodge of England and its Lodges all over the country to introduce viewers to members of the comradely order as it approaches its tercentenary next year. Produced by Emporium Productions, Inside the Freemasons will discover what it really means to be a Freemason in 2016. Viewers will learn the truth behind legends such as the regalia, the jewels, the handshakes and the symbolic working tools as they get to know Masons from all walks of life.

“With over 200,000 members across England and Wales, the Freemasons is a fascinating organisation that the general public don’t really know much about. We can’t wait to use this unique access to show Sky customers the real Freemasons as we look at little known history and traditions,determining myth from truth.” – Siobhan Mulholland, Commissioning Editor, Sky Factual

Sky 1 logo 2016


  • I hope that it is going to deal with the subject of Womens and mixed Freemasonry (formerly called Co-Masonry). It is high time that the general public were aware that the Craft is no longer restricted to men only.

  • Excellent it’s time to save..Humanity

  • I hope its not all left tit pulling and wiggling eyebrows.