BBC One documentary follows a group of children whose parents are in prison

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BBC One is to air a documentary looking at children whose parents are in jail in My Parent’s In Prison.

The number of children with a dad or mum behind bars is growing at an alarming rate. While their parent is on the inside, children on the outside – ashamed, embarrassed, and sometimes bullied at school – can often feel ostracised by their communities, and suffer stigma alone and in silence. My Parent’s In Prison from True Vision Productions will shed light on this hidden population and the day-to-day challenges they face. To be aired on BBC One as part of Children in Need in November 2016.

The hour long one-off documentary will follow a group of children over the summer months into autumn, the programme will explore their diverse experiences and perspectives on ‘losing’ a parent to the justice system. Whether it’s witnessing arrest, saying goodbye to a parent at the end of an all-too-brief prison visit, or dealing with the latest insult thrown in the school playground, we hear about the hidden sentences families serve on the outside from those who feel it most.

My Parent’s In Prison will air later this year.

“The BBC Documentaries department has commissioned some brilliant films this year, from recent singles How To Die: Simon’s Choice, Abused: The Untold Story, and Behind Closed Doors, to beautifully crafted series such as The Prosecutors and The Big C And Me. I want the BBC to be the place where the most exciting and acclaimed documentary filmmakers in the UK can come and do their very best work.” – Patrick Holland, BBC Head of Commissioning, Documentaries

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  • As a studying criminalist. This is a subject I have been researching. A sensitive subject that must be told. I look forward to watching. I also hope that it is done in an empathic way and is a true reflection on how difficult it can be for a child whose parent (s) are in incarcerated.

  • I am currently working within a service that raises awareness of the needs of offenders children and families and offers direct work with families to improve outcomes and ensures the voices of children are heard and wishes respected x

  • Really looking forward to seeing this.