UKTV Play launches major marketing campaign


UKTV, has announced the first major marketing campaign for its fast-growing on demand TV brand, UKTV Play.

“UKTV Play is the bright and exciting TV on demand service for Britain, and what’s more, it’s totally free. It’s already UKTV’s fastest growing brand so we’re going big and bold with our first innovative off-air marketing. With this campaign we’re binning the sad old notion of a TV ‘guilty pleasure’, and celebrating the nation’s favourite pastime. Whether your thing is natural history, real crime, period drama or classic comedy, UKTV Play will be with you.” – UKTV’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Zoë Clapp

The on-and off-air ‘Love Your Thing‘ campaign will celebrate the diversity of TV that Britain holds dear, from cutting-edge comedy to historical documentary, ghostly adventures to period drama. The campaign recognises the passion that exists around certain types of programming, and affectionately dubs this people’s ‘thing’. Whatever a viewer’s ‘thing’ is, UKTV Play loves and celebrates it, in a world where on demand TV is globally homogenised.

Launching this week, the integrated campaign comprises of heavyweight on-air advertising, national digital outdoor marketing, social and publicity executions, and an award-winning location-based initiative, being triggered by specific weather conditions, traffic and time.

Off-air digital support will include the world’s first social TV recommendation engine, run via an intuitive Facebook Messenger Chatterbot, due to be rolled out later this month.


The brief for the campaign was to position UKTV Play as an energetic and disruptive entertainment product brand that people across the country identify with as one that represents them, and the entertainment they love. UKTV has worked with advertising agency Antidote to produce the off-air campaign creative, which centres on the breadth and eclecticism of UKTV Play’s content offering, and celebrates the fact everyone has their own TV ‘thing’ they’re ‘in to’. It presents the service as being here to serve the nation’s individual tastes and needs, by heroing programmes and genres in a fresh way and creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Media buying and planning has been managed by award-winning media agency PHD Rocket, part of the Omnicon Group. The dynamic off-air assets will roll out as a national heavyweight digital outdoor campaign. The campaign features £250,000 worth of real-time data-informed advertising, which UKTV won as first prize in Talon’s inaugural Smarter as Standard competition, for providing the best creative use of contextual digital ‘out of home’ advertising as part of a wider campaign.

The outdoor adverts will react and update when triggered, dependent on location, environment and when specific conditions are met. Spots in locations such as high streets, shopping malls, trains and rail stations will be informed by intelligent traffic, weather and location data feeds. Antidote will use OpenLoop to update the creative throughout the campaign live period as required.

The off-air will be supported on-air by a new conceptual brand promo, genre-specific clip-based promos and BEOPS. The social media campaign, which includes the world-first TV recommendation Chatterbot, created and managed by agency Social Life. Activity will centre on the hashtag #Loveyourthing.

“UKTV Play has something the other players don’t – an unapologetic appreciation of the individual when it comes to TV. In that way ‘Love Your Thing’ is a simple idea that comes straight from the heart of the brand and reminds us all that it’s okay to watch the stuff we love, no matter what that is.” – Antidote’s Creative Director, Teddy Keen