Janeane Garofalo joins E4’s Foreign Bodies


E4 and TNT have cast Janeane Garofalo as a recurring guest role in the forthcoming new series Foreign Bodies, a comedy drama about a group of young adults venturing across China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Foreign Bodies is scheduled to premiere on E4 in early 2017, with a stateside debut on TNT later in the year. Garofalo will guest star in the recurring role of Sam, a seasoned traveller who, after 20 years working in tourism and visiting exotic places, has very much had her fill. Cynical, streetwise and permanently unimpressed, Sam is a counterpoint to the excitable, wide-eyed young travellers she meets, and she’s quick to dispel them of their romantic and idiotic assumptions about the world and the value of travel.

Foreign Bodies is the story of a motley gang of travellers embarking on a three-month trip around Asia. The cast, drawn from the USA, Canada and the UK, includes newcomer Anders Hayward as delusional romantic Dylan, who thinks every woman he meets is a potential life partner; BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Ade Oyefeso as Sean, a friendly, easy-going guy hoping for a bit of escapism; emerging Canadian star Brittney Wilson, as the blunt and headstrong Ashley, a young American student who is book-smart but emotionally immature; and Alice Lee as May, a high-strung worrier who tends to overthink every situation.

British actor, writer, performance poet and Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Tim Key joins them as Greg, a 38-year-old in denial about his marriage, his business and life in general. His upbeat energy hides a multitude of problems.

Created by actor-writer Tom Basden, Foreign Bodies is written by Basden, James Wood, Amy Roberts, Loren McLaughlin, Charlie Covell, Tim Key and Jonny Sweet.