Telly Today: Cash, Drugs, Broadmoor and Orkney

Today’s telly top picks with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

Monday on your telly box brings us highlights including Bradley Walsh, drug dealers and tourists.

ITV bring us a new series starring Bradley Walsh this afternoon in Cash Strapped. Six contestants compete on one of the most strategic quiz shows ever broadcast on UK television. The contestant who has amassed the most money over the show gets a chance to escape with their individual prize pot.

If the other five contestants succeed in blocking him, they all return the following day to play again, with the escapee starting on zero in this rollover show . If the escapee cash traps all five of his opponents they all leave with nothing, and he leaves with his winnings. Cash Strapped airs Monday to Friday at 5pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

BBC One tonight airs a one-off documentary Orkney, When The Boat Comes In. As part of their Our Lives series the half-hour long programme captures the stories of Orcadians whose lives are impacted by the onslaught of tourists. The small island chain off the north-eastern tip of Scotland is officially the UK’s cruise ship capital.

There will be 140 port calls this year, with more than 120,000 passengers. That’s six times Orkney’s entire population. For many, this is something to be celebrated – more people means more money coming in to the islands. For others, it’s a pain. The streets of Kirkwall can sometimes be so busy that it’s hard to make your way through the main street. You can decide for yourself if its a blessing or a curse for Orkney tonight at 7.30pm.

Channel 4 airs the second episode in the current series of 999 What’s Your Emergency? In the show which focuses on the work of the police, paramedics and fire service in Wiltshire this edition brings us how a routine stop and search uncovers a bag of crack cocaine in the possession of a boy still in his teens. For PC Luke Hobbs the drugs epidemic is personal: a family member is an addict and Luke has witnessed the impact their addiction has had.

Later in the show Luke leads his first drugs raid on a suspected heroin and crack supplier in Swindon’s city centre. Bursting through the door he discovers the property has been commandeered by a dealer from London who, when he’s not sleeping with a knife under his pillow, is using the address as a base to make a move into the local drug dealing market. 999 What’s Your Emergency? airs tonight at 9pm.

Sky Atlantic sees Game of Thrones continue. This, the third episodes of the seventh series, carries on the story with Sansa having undergone perhaps the most tragic journey of all the players in Game of Thrones, her chilling verse featured in the final trailer for the seventh season of the fantasy series, begs many questions.

Who is the lone wolf she refers to? Now that her half-brother Jon Snow has been declared the King in the North, will she remain loyal, or has she been led to believe she is the true heir to the Stark legacy? We await with bated, frozen breath for the answers. Game of Thrones later this evening at 9pm and 2am.

Channel 5 meanwhile take us Inside Broadmoor. What the broadcaster describe as a ‘remarkable two-part documentary special’ the production marks the 150th anniversary of Broadmoor, home to Britain’s most notorious killers. With exclusive and unprecedented access to Broadmoor’s archives, this film unfolds the extraordinary history of the world’s most famous and feared hospital. Why was it originally created, and what has it become? Inside Broadmoor airs at 10.30pm tonight.

Kit Harington stars as Jon Snow in Sky Atlantic’s Game of Thrones, 9pm and 2am

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