Simon Callow returns to UKTV for more comedy with The Rebel

UKTV is returning to Brighton for a second series of Gold’s original scripted comedy The Rebel.

“I’m so pleased to be getting inside Henry Palmer’s skin again: a man of certain age behaving very badly, casting off the chains of convention, uttering the unutterable and defying decency. Age has only sharpened his refusal to conform. Ladies and gentlemen – sorry – hello everyone, I give you Henry Palmer: reprobate, rascal – Rebel.” – Simon Callow

Legend of stage and screen Simon Callow is to return in a second six part run of The Rebel. In the comedy Callow stars as irascible hellraising pensioner Henry Palmer, the former mod who sees no reason to stop living his life by his own rules now he’s in his seventies. Sticking two fingers up at authority, society and the vagaries of modern life, and of the firm belief there’s no problem that can’t be solved by a great tune and a quick bit of vandalism, Henry Palmer is “a potty mouthed Victor Meldrew on steroids” (Radio Times).

Also returning for the new series, once again set and filmed in Brighton, are Bill Paterson as former hippie Charles, Anita Dobson as charity shop worker Margaret, Anna Crilly as Henry’s put-upon daughter Cath, and Amit Shah as her husband Jeremy.

“The one thing better than having a sitcom commissioned is being asked to write a second series. I feel especially fortunate to be working once again with such marvellous actors, film crew and director, and such a brilliant team from Retort and UKTV. I hope the continuing adventures of Henry, his friends and long-suffering family in the mean streets of Brighton amuse you all, and provoke acts of rebellion throughout our fair land.” – Andrew Birch

The Rebel written by Andrew Birch, adapted from his own cartoon strip for The Oldie, produced by Retort, and the series is once again directed by Vadim Jean. The Rebel returns exclusively to Gold later this year.

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