Telly Today: Jill Douglas, A&E and a fishing manual

Today’s telly top picks with ATV Today Editor Doug Lambert.

Wednesday television treats brings us rugby, casualty cases and philosophy.

ITV4 this afternoon have more live sport coverage from 1.30pm. Jill Douglas hosts the live and exclusive free to air coverage of the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup as England face Spain in Dublin on the opening day of the tournament. Twelve of the world’s top female teams go head-to-head bidding to win the most prestigious trophy in women’s rugby across venues in Dublin and Belfast, with pool matches being held at University College Dublin and the semi finals and final at Queen’s University and the Kingspan Stadium in Belfast.

The 2017 tournament marks the eighth edition of the WRWC and comes three years after England beat Canada 21-9 to take the title in Paris. ITV4 will feature live coverage of all the action from eight matches, with England v Italy on Sunday August 13 on the main ITV channel. Joining Jill on the team to provide insight and analysis into the action are Maggie Alphonsi, who won the cup with England in 2014, Welsh player Philippa Tuttiett, Irish player Rosie Foley, and David Flatman. Commentary comes from Nick Mullins, former England captain Catherine Spencer and Martin Gillingham.

BBC Four brings us intellectual programming with In Search Of Arcadia. Art historian Dr. Janina Ramirez and angler John Bailey tell the extraordinary story of how a revolutionary movement, partly inspired by a fishing manual, transformed the cultural landscape of 18th century Britain (9pm).

Together they explore a 12-mile stretch of the River Thames, uncovering the stories of the Arcadian group of writers, poets, artists, and landscape designers who lived here in the 17th and 18th centuries and who were the architects of a cultural revolution in Britain. John unpacks the role the River Thames played in their story, exploring the natural riches of its shores and how it was used as a transport route for not just people but for ideas. Naturally he does this from a boat on the water, and has plenty of time for fishing and contemplation along the way.

Meanwhile, Nina explores the ideas behind the Arcadian philosophy. There are eight clues to help her along her way hidden in the landscape of the Thames as it unfolds before her: Nicholas Poussin’s painting Et In Arcadia Ego; Izaak Walton’s Compleat Angler; the French formal gardens at Hampton Court; Pope’s Grotto and his Camera Obscura; the view of Marble Hill House; Thomson’s poem inscribed in King Henry’s Mound; Chiswick House Gardens and, finally, the view from Richmond Hill.

Channel 4 return to the casualty department for another day and night in 24 Hours in A&E. (9pm) Head teacher Emma, 47, arrives in resus having been in a collision with a bus whilst cycling home from the school she works at. As Emma arrives, husband Mick reflects on being informed what had happened: ‘They viewed the accident as potentially life threatening.’ As Emma is examined she appears very confused, constantly asking what happened. Mick becomes increasingly concerned.

Anaesthetic nurse Marjory discusses how her memory loss could be a symptom of something more severe: ‘The concern is that the confusion could be as a result of bleeding or swelling in the brain.’ Doctors rush Emma for emergency CT scans while Mick waits in the relatives’ room. When Mick sees his wife for the first time after her scan, he quickly realises the full extent of her injuries. Meanwhile, 33-year-old Josh has come to St George’s with severe back pain. He is accompanied by his husband Isaac, who tries to comfort him and reassure him that he will be OK. And 87-year-old Pamela has come to A&E with her granddaughter Cleo. They are concerned she may have a blood clot in her leg.

Cleo reflects on their close bond: ‘We are really similar; I think that’s why we get along so well.’ Doctors examine her leg and we hear how Pamela grew up in London during the blitz.

It’s sport all the way on ITV4 today from 1.30pm