The Seven Ages of Elvis Presley marks 40th anniversary of his death

One to Watch: The Seven Ages of Elvis.

“This fascinating new documentary examines the life and work of Elvis Presley and shines a light on how and why he became an enduring colossus of pop culture.” – Sky Arts

Sky Arts today (August 16th) marks the 40th anniversary since Elvis Presley died aged 42. The Seven Ages of Elvis looks at the life and music of ‘the king of rock ‘n roll’. Four decades after his death, Sky looks at the events that shaped his world and the lasting, enduring, legacy of the King.

Looking at his career through the lens of seven iconic stages of his life, from the fame-hungry Elvis of the 1950s and the Hollywood Elvis of the 1960s to the leather-clad comeback Elvis of ’68 and the overweight Vegas Elvis of the 1970s, this film analyses his achievements against the changing political landscape of America and paints an honest portrait of one of the world’s most legendary music icons.

Born on the 8th of January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, his family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13 by the age of 19 he had already begun his music career which would bring tracks such as Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, The Wonder of You and Always on my Mind to billions of music lovers around the world. The Seven Ages of Elvis airs tonight on Sky Arts at 9pm, and there’s more…

Also today it isn’t just about the man and his music the legacy of Elvis on the big screen is marked by Sky Cinema. In a line up under the Hail to The King banner Sky Cinema Select also marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ death. On Wednesday (August 16th) Sky salutes the great Elvis Presley with breezy, escapist fun as the Hillbilly Cat heads to Hawaii (Blue Hawaii/Paradise, Hawaiian Style),Mexico (Fun in Acapulco) and even the bottom of the ocean (Easy Come, Easy Go).

The line up starts at 9.30am with GI Blues, at 11.20am its Blue Hawaii. 1.10pm sees Fun in Acapulco and at 2.55pm Roustabout. 4.45pm brings us Paradise, Hawaiian Style and the final Elvis offering is at 6.30pm with Easy Come, Easy Go.