Telly Today: Marriage, Brighton and bad neighbours

Today’s telly top picks with ATV Today Editor Shaun Linden.

Thursday on your telly box highlights bring us marriage, Brighton, bad neighbours and a warehouse.

Channel 4 airs How to make your Marriage Work. (10pm) After 40 years of falling marriage rates, recent UK figures suggest that marriage is on the increase while divorce is decreasing. The London Borough of Brent has one of the highest marriage rates and lowest numbers of divorces in the country.

This documentary meets five married couples in Brent to find out what glues them together. The programme finds out how the couples – who’ve been married for between seven and 47 years – met and fell in love and, perhaps most importantly, what has kept them together. They shed light on everything from the importance of sex to the strain that children can put on a relationship, and speak about whether they’ve ever been tempted to stray. Sometimes touching, occasionally sad and frequently funny, the couple talk frankly about their love and their lives together, for better or for worse. 

ITV head once more to the south coast. The Brighton Police (9pm, ITV, UTV and STV) follows on from a previous documentary with this follow up series narrated by Philip Glenister as cameras join the staff and cops of the Brighton Police. On the surface it is an affluent party city, but Brighton has a dark criminal underbelly which keeps the city centre’s detectives under constant pressure. In this week’s episode, DS Julie Greenwood  is on the hunt for armed robbers, after a burglary at a Ladbrokes betting shop.

The perpetrators have got away but she is confident that they will strike again. When they do and another betting shop is targeted, Julie and her team are able to identify them, and a search for the robbers and their illegal firearm begins.

The detectives are also closing in on a drug gang after a six-month undercover operation begins to pay off. The gang control much of the class A drug supply in the city, and the investigation leads to a raid on properties and the gang leader being pursued through the city centre.

Sky Atlantic has the fourth edition, of ten, in the third series of Ballers – Ride and Die. (10pm). The clock is ticking for Spencer and Joe this week when they hit the road on a desperate race to secure a key franchise owner’s blessing to bring football to Las Vegas.

The problem is that it all rides on them smashing two equally important meetings – and there may not be enough time to get to both. Meanwhile, Ricky has a tough time ingratiating himself with his fellow players, and so stages his own private workout. 

Channel 5 gives us another chance to catch up with those Nightmare Neighbour Next Door. (8pm) The documentary series continues as it follows Britain’s feuding neighbours, using CCTV footage and material from victims’ own cameras.

In Shropshire, neighbourly harassment turns to violence, in Essex, a mother and daughter’s lives are made a misery after they objected to a neighbour’s extension plans and an elderly couple who feel that they are the victims of a noisy neighbour, have to deny any wrong doings themselves when the council send them a noise abatement
notice and the police come knocking on their door!

Pick TV tonight airs Warehouse 13. (8pm) The first episode of the second series airs tonight as British actress Jaime Murray of Dexter fame guest stars in the opening episode, which has its free-to-air premiere this week, playing ‘HG Wells’, a Victorian-era former warehouse agent who has been ‘stored’ in 13 for more than 100 years.

Wells is freed from the Bronze sector by Leena (who is under the influence of the Pearl of Wisdom operated by James Macpherson) and hatches a plan to infiltrate the Escher Vault. A fast, fluid and highly engaging start to the new season.

ITV head to Brighton tonight at 9pm. Also on STV and UTV.