BBC One head back to summer 1939 for WWII drama

Best on the Box highlights for Sunday September 29th.

One to Watch: World on Fire, BBC One at 9pm

Summer 1939. Translator Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) is working at the British Embassy in Warsaw, falling in love with Polish waitress Kasia (Zofia Wichłacz). When German tanks roll into Poland and Britain declares war on Germany, Harry and Kasia are faced with terrible choices.

With her life in grave danger, the only way for Kasia to be safe is to escape. Can Harry help her – and if he does, how will he ever explain himself to factory worker and singer Lois Bennett (Julia Brown), the girl he left behind in Manchester?

As the Nazi threat spreads across Europe, Kasia must choose between love and fighting for her country, Harry must find his place in the world, and Lois seizes new opportunities the war throws up. The conflict overturns everything for Harry’s snobbish mother Robina (Lesley Manville) and for Douglas (Sean Bean), Lois’ pacifist father, and her firecracker younger brother Tom (Ewan Mitchell), who joins the navy and finds himself under fire in one of the first major battles of the war.

In Berlin, outspoken American journalist Nancy (Helen Hunt) risks her life trying to help her neighbours the Rosslers from the attentions of the ruling Nazi regime‎, while in Paris Nancy’s nephew, medic Webster (Brian J. Smith) refuses to leave the city and the man he loves.

This is a series that takes us across the first year of the war, from ordinary life in Manchester to the beaches of Dunkirk, getting right under the skin and into the hearts and minds of those living their lives during this extraordinary time as they grapple with the unthinkable: a world in flames.

Egypt’s Lost Pyramid, Channel 4 at 8pm

The A 4000-year-old mystery unfolds in the barren desert of northern Egypt, where an astonishing discovery has been made. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 4000-year-old pyramid that contains a burial chamber, but – unlike every other pyramid found – this one is still sealed, with a 10-tonne block of granite.

Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton joins the team opening the tomb. As light enters the tomb for the first time in millennia, the artefacts contained reveal a gripping detective story. Who were the tomb and pyramid built for? And what happened here? Although the tomb has been sealed, the contents have been disturbed. They’ve stumbled upon an ancient crime scene. The burial chamber has been robbed, but there are no signs of entry.

To solve the mystery, Dr Lehner, one of the world’s greatest Egyptologists, explores the nearby Black Pyramid to see how pyramid builders used every trick in the book to protect the treasures. Never before captured on film, he discovers a dark and complex labyrinth of dummy tombs, false passages and stone portcullises to fool robbers. And finally, as the contents of the tomb are investigated, the team are able to solve the mystery, put a name to the tomb’s dead owner, and write a new chapter in the story of Egypt’s mysterious Middle Kingdom.

The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship, Channel 5 at 7.10pm

Channel 5 cameras once more go behind the scenes on the world’s most luxurious cruise ship.

Tonight viewers can cruise from home with Head Sommelier, Georgiana, as the Seven Seas Explorer prepares for a special visit to Bordeaux.

The live-on-the-seas documentary also takes a look below deck at the unique connoisseur drinks cellar, with a £3000 bottle of cognac and follows the work of the night crew as they prepare the ship for the next morning.

S.W.A.T, Sky One at 9pm

The SWAT team pursues a group of unknown assailants responsible for a patrol officer’s death in this edition entitled, Fallen.

In this the fifteenth episode of the second series the team have to move quickly before tension in the city between the police and the community explodes.

Also, as Chris reels from the revelation that she knew the patrol officer who was killed, Deacon and his wife, Annie, prepare to welcome their newest child.