The Great Pipkins Reunion looks back at the children’s ATV series

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  1. OMG Hartley Hare that’s bringing back fond memories of this ATV classic it was a wonderful series I’ve got it on DVD and tragicly when Central took over in 1982 they wanted the series to continue but didn’t want to pay ATV for the copyright on the series so it vanished! I have three young daughters they love Hartley hare and the gang so why can’t this ATV classic be shown to pre school children even if it is fifty years old as it still teaches kids things as Thames Rainbow has done for decades! Reg Watson commissioned Pipkins so thanks to the Creator of Crossroads for doing this! Its so sad a new series of Pipkins couldn’t be made now showing you what they have been up to all these years maybe ATV should do that on DVD and let’s see Pipkins return in the 21st century!

  2. ATV also made Tinga and Tucker in the sixties the two Koala Bears that one was a real classic it like Pipkins had a long run but tragicly Central seemed to have wiped nearly all the shows but what little is left is now at Yorkshire Televisions studios in Leeds its sad there were some very early black and white episodes and one colour one! So why did Central Television destroy all this part of children’s TV history as they were at ATV Centre until its Closure but I think Central are careless and should have looked after ATV Archive better than they did! So many lost ATV shows were found as they had been recorded by Bob Monkhouse and when he died from Prostate Cancer in Bobs home were stacks of videos, DVDs and film of these so it really was BOBS FULL HOUSE with the found thought Destroyed ATV shows!

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