Pussycat Dolls and Camila Cabello kick off Saturday Night Takeaway

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  1. What the Convicted Drink Driver is back on Saturday Night Go AWAy as this Garbage is well past its sell by date. As its hosted by a couple of Gormless freaks and when this rubbish was last made it was filmed at the now Closed former LWT studios on the south bank! I think these two talentless idiots should get off the telly I can’t stick either of them ax they really get on your wick! Bruce FORSYTH WAS A GENIUS AND HE ENTERTAINED US FOR SEVENTY FIVE YEARS while these two couldn’t entertain anyone for five seconds they are pathetic and they started off playing a couple of wankers in Byker Grove and even that crap was axed so get these Loonatics off our telly screens OK!

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