Caroline Flack has died aged 40


  1. Caroline Flack takes her own life this is what happens the Press hounded her causing her to finally unable to take it so she killed herself! The press and Media in this country want shooting as the average tabloid you wouldn’t wipe her Arse on that let alone read the total crap they put in it! Let me give Caroline’s Family my deepest sympathy as I lost my mother Carol last year so I know only too what living hell they are going through so the Press should be shut down as they are scum so you go and Rot in Hell for the Agony you’ve caused as I’ll never ever forgive you and nor will they!

    • The fact is Reality Television is Rubbish as Lord Lew Grade never ever would have commissioned any shite like this as ATV would never have had this in its history! I’m a Celebrity, Big Brother, Love Island are all now either axed or facing cancellation! So as the UK now enters a new TV era as Seven Network Australia sets up over here the end of Reality TV is coming as nobody wants to see this crap so bury it and bring back ATV classics like The Golden Shot that’s a better idea!!

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