Love Island: Unseen Bits pulled from schedule


  1. Come on do us a favor Love Island is krappy TV as Lord Lew Grade never would have had ATV make that rubbish it is boring driving you insane like all shite Reality TV it doesn’t matter if its Krap I’m Celeb or the now defunct Big Brother they are all well past their sell by date and are axed or about to be cancelled by the network so bury this rubbish and put Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium on instead OK!

        • Well in that case it certainly won’t be ‘Val Parnell’s’ seen as he’s been dead since the 1970s, if anything its Andrew Lloyd Webber, he owns the Palladium now.

          Doreen Rogers
          Former secretary to Valentine Parnell, for ATV, at the Palladium

          • There is a semi regular new version of Sunday Night at the London Palladium/ Tonight (Wednesday) at the Palladium that ITV/ITV3 show.

            It never will get the viewers or the kind of viewers Love Island bring to ITV however. They want youth with money, not fans of Val Parnell, sadly.

          • Yes I do know that as Val died in the Seventies but I was at the Palladium on Beat the Clock back in the fifties!!

  2. How lovely Colin, I will have to dig out my diaries and find you. I still have a list of all the contestants and who won/lost and their addresses to send the ‘thank you for taking part Associated Television letter’ sent by whichever host was at that time performing.

    Lovely days.
    Doreen Rogers

    • That was Bruce Forsyth in 1959 before that the hosts had been Hughie Green and Tommy Trinder they don’t make shows like that anymore and Love Island is a sad excuse when the Palladium show got eighteen million viewers every week that’s ATV London for you!

    • Beat the Clock was a Goodson Todman show I don’t even know if this company even exists anymore as this was ATV London in the fifties so the rights for Beat the Clock have been sold to someone else that’s why ITV has NO Beat The Clock and why its now unable to have Beat The Clock in its show as I think they should try to get it back reviving Beat the Clock!

      • The rights to Beat the Clock are with Fremantle Media. They allowed it to be used in the 2000 series produced by ITV with Sir Bruce back in charge.

    • I’m not at the same address I was that’s sixty years ago as many people who had been contestants on Beat The Clock are dead now as you gotta remember it was Tommy Trinder who first hosted the show back in 1955 then Hughie Green and the host I was a Contestant with Bruce Forsythe its memories that make this work and I’m so glad I did that wonderful show!

  3. ITV no longer owns the rights to Beat the Clock which ATV London at the time had the rights to so if they make Palladium shows they can’t now have Beat The Clock as the original company may now be defunct and someone else owns the rights to this as Beat the Clock was based on an American Gameshow that never came here!

    • No its not Fremantle Media known as Thames Television its a Mark Goodson production and Beat the Clock in America is a fully separate gameshow I think that maybe Beat the Clock Could be its own Gameshow rather that being part of Sunday Night at the London Palladium as its still running in America as Sale of the Century still runs in Australia so I think Beat the Clock is great fun so let’s have the Legend Back!

      • From the Fremantle archive: “Pearson Communications was acquired by FremantleMedia (later Fremantle) which now owns the rights and archive library from Mark Goodson Productions.” Pearson also bought Thames TV and TalkBack Productions in the UK and Grundy TV in Australia.

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