ITV cancel tonight’s episode of Love Island


  1. Don’t play stupid games for God sake as Caroline Flack has taken her life! It happened when someone was killed on Noel Edmonds Late Late Breakfast show and more recently when someone killed themselves on the Jeremy Kyle Show well there’s no choice but to pull Love Island and permamantly cancel this condemned reality show forever! Lew Grade would have simply flew and removed this rubbish from the network as he’d said ATV won’t accept such crap as this and those responceable for this will be sacked with immediate effect! There is simply no future for Reality shows that is the truth as I’m a Celebrity get me out of here is the biggest piece of Bull Shit since Big Brother was axed! ITV must bring back some of the quality shows that ATV had once made and permamantly sack Ant and Dec for being a couple of thick talentless numb skulls who really get on everyones wick and that Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway is totally crap those two twats jumping about like loonatics on LSD proves they must go! The demise of Love Island will be a good thing it will kill off the remaining Shite Reality Shows so Quality TV shows cab replace them as there is no future for them and Big Brother will! Never return! Its a Disgrace this rubbish was even allowed to be considered to be shown so it will now be pulled and never ever be shown again! Doesn’t that mean anything that Caroline Flack killed herself I don’t forgive and I never give second chances you get on the wrong side of me you’d wish you had never been born I say exactly what I think to your face and don’t give a monkeys if you don’t like like it so push me and I will get nasty without doubt this has to stop so this matter will now be placed into Ofcoms hands as it can’t be allowed to continue no bloody way!!

  2. The details over Caroline Flacks death have been passed to Ofcom who will now be taking further action against ITV over Love Island I think that It will be removed from British television and plenty good enough! There’s no respect for people as ATV did its gotta be stopped so the end of Reality TV is coming bloody brilliant news!

  3. If you support our campaign to get Love Island and all Reality TV shows axed then please email with your name and address and you will be added to the group we do you this in Caroline Flacks memory why did she have to take her life and to stop ITV making disgraceful programmes that attack and put people down as this matter too had immediately been passed to the Human Rights Commission this is breaking the law! If ITV are trying to get themselves into deep shit then they are doing a good job they will now have Legal Action taken against them for making disgraceful programmes as didn’t they learn anything from the Jeremy Kyle show when the show was removed from the network and were fined by Ofcom its got to the point where ITV must be taught a lesson and this time they will pay for the death they have caused and the pain caused by their Abysmal TV show!!

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