Tognoni returning to One Life


ABCActress Gina Tognoni is returning to daytime soap One Life to Live to reprise her role of Kelly Cramer. Since leaving the soap in 2001 the actress appeared on Guiding Light as Dinah Marler however, the veteran soap which ended its 72 year run on CBS last week following its cancellation in April.


Actress Gina Tognoni will return to ABC daytime soap One Life on Live according to Soap Central. The actress will reprise her role of Kelly Cramer which she originally played between 1995 and 2001. ABCFollowing her departure from the soap in 2001 the actress appeared in CBS soap Guiding Light as Dinah Marler. Guiding Light ended its incredible 72 year run last week following its cancellation by CBS in April. Earlier this year there was speculation that Tognoni would return to One Life to Live following production finishing on Guiding Light but reportedly ABC declined due to salary demands. Tognoni left Guiding Light a month before production finished but continued to appear right through to the final episode as her scenes were pre-recorded. However, it now seems that these issues have been resolved.

After Tognoni’s departure from One Life to Live in 2001 the character of Kelly Cramer was recast twice. In 2003 actress Tracy Melchoir took on the role for four months before it was again recast and Heather Tom took over the role. Tom stayed with the soap until 2006 before departing.