I’m A Celebrity Midweek Round-Up

The highlights so far from the 2010 Jungle series.

The latest series started with hosts Ant and Dec springing a surprise on this year’s campmates.  For the first time in the history of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! all ten of the celebrities took part in the first Bush Tucker Trial of the series.

Entitled Terror Vision, the celebrities had been split into two teams – boys versus girls – and would have to go head to head in five rounds based on popular TV shows.

The first four rounds would be worth one point each but the fifth and final round would be the decider.  The celebrities were playing for one final night of luxury whilst the losing team would face a night camped out in a make shift jungle encampment. Visibly shaken and still in their finest clothes, the celebrities prepared to face the challenge.

First up was Lembit Opik and Kayla Collins who had to play ‘Hell Hole Kitchen’. Hidden in three holes were stars and the pair put their hands into the box and grab the star which were surrounded by scorpions, rats and snakes.

Lembit complained that that “it was an absolutely disgusting feeling” whilst a screaming Kayla admitted “I was really terrified.”

Next was Shaun Ryder and Gillian McKeith who faced  ‘Not The Ten O’Clock News’.  The pair would each read a headline and have to decide if it was true or false whilst facing gunge and critters falling onto them.  Ant and Dec had to repeatedly tell a frightened Gillian to remain in her seat as she tried overcome her “phobia to insects.”

Nigel Havers and Sheryl Gascoigne faced ‘The Bug Factor’ in which they had to duet to Grease hit, Summer Lovin’.  They both had to sing a section of the song but six words had been removed.   Whoever correctly sang the missing words would win the point.  To make it more difficult they would be joined by cockroaches, maggots and jungle slime.

Nigel admitted that singing was not his strong point, whilst Sheryl added, “the children said whatever you do don’t sing on there mum.”

Next up were Aggro Santos and Stacey Solomon who appeared in ‘Who Wants To Eat A Willy On Air’.  As the title suggested they both had to eat a kangaroo penis, the one who ate it the quickest won the point.  “His penis looks smaller than mine” Stacey shouted.  “Not for first time” joked Dec.  “I’m spitting penis everywhere” she squealed.

And finally Britt and Linford took part in ‘Disastermind’ where they had 30 seconds each to answer as many Australian themed general knowledge questions whilst encased in helmets containing spiders.  Each struggled to answer the simple questions as the spiders crawled over their faces.

The ten celebrities finally made their way to the jungle where they’ll spend the next few weeks.  The ten camp mates were split into two – one group had to sky dive in, an entrance that split opinion between exhilaration and sheer dread whilst the other group had a water based entrance.

They had to canoe across water and crawl through a damp and dark underground tunnel to reach their final jungle destination.

By Tuesday it became clear that Gillian wasn’t proving popular with the British viewers who had found her ‘moaning’ about ‘everything’ a bit tiresome. So once more the public voted for Gillian to complete another Bush Tucker Trial for the female camp (the boys and girls are separated this year so far), to be joined by Shaun Rider for the boys.

It was an eating trial called School Dinners and Shaun found that he had an unexpected similarity with model and last years contestant Katie Price as he chomped jungle bush tucker, risking life, limb and his dental veneers to win stars for his camp.

It was difficult to tell what Gillian thought was more disgusting the food that was served up or Shaun’s table manners.  At one point she reprimanded him for speaking with his mouth full. Five courses were served and each one meant a meal for the celebrities respective camps.

Gillian explained “I do want to help.  I’d love to go back with a little star.  I feel a bit deflated because I have certain beliefs about the way I live my life and I don’t want to compromise those beliefs and I don’t eat animals.  But I’ll carry the tray.”

Shaun was rather more circumspect as to the reasons the public had voted for him.  “Obviously people want to see me get some stick.” He observed. Mid-week and the famously short tempered Britt Ekland had had enough of Gillian’s behaviour and told her as much as the TV nutritionist prepared for another viewer voted trial.

Gillian told Camp Sheila that she wouldn’t be eating any insects. “I’m not eating any insects.  It goes against everything I believe in.  I just wouldn’t do it.  I believe I’ll be nominated for every Trial this week, every day.”

But Britt had had enough and snapped “Show a bit more positive face.” Gillian responded “I’m very positive with everything in my life.  But I am facing something that is very difficult for me.”

Britt however responded with views the nation had surely been thinking, Gillian must have known what the show was about, and what it involved. So why do it if she didn’t? Gillian however responded by saying she really didn’t know what she’s signed up for.

Later in the Bush Telegraph Britt said “Sometimes I feel that her negativity sucks up a lot of energy.  We’re catering too much to helping her, making sure she’s ok.”

Elsewhere Nigel and Britt faced the second Celebrity Chest. Thrilled to see each other, they both admitted that they have missed each other’s company.  Nigel confessed to “yearning for female company” whilst Britt admitted that Nigel was “such a lovely gentleman.”

As they hugged Nigel, apologised for smelling but the Hollywood actress admitted she’d missed a man’s smell, saying, “It’s a man’s smell from a woman’s smell, it’s good I need a little difference.”

The challenge saw them swinging a giant conker as they attempted to smash a second one to release a key.

The pair set about their challenge and Nigel won the chest, however upon returning to camp the final part of the challenge saw the camp getting the question wrong that would have bestowed some luxury on the male celebrties, however Lembit was pleased with their booby prize of a rubber ring and beach ball.

Later Nigel was beginning to tire of his fellow campmates and wasn’t afraid to tell them how he felt. First to feel this wrath was former MP Lembit, who had decided to use the communal knife to scrape a twig, hoping to make it different from the others and not get thrown on the fire.

Unimpressed by what he was doing, Nigel said:  “Lembit I don’t know what you are doing with the stick but you’re going to blunt the knife.  You’ll blunt the shit out of it.  The knife is the only knife we’ve got and you’re never going to get the blade as good as it is.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Lembit said: “Nigel seems to be a bit under sorts at the moment.  He was kind of pretty full on to me earlier on.”

The squabbling between Lembit and Nigel continued when the subject of MPs expenses came around again.  Aggro asked Lembit what the 90 pounds that Lembit was charged was for.  Lembit explained that it was for a council tax summons.  Nigel was appalled that Lembit was behind on his Council Tax.  “That’s terrible.  Why are you slack on your Council Tax?”

But Linford was incensed that Lembit should claim for a summons.  “You get a summons for something you’ve done wrong and you took my bloody money to pay for that.  You should have gone to jail. Don’t take my money and pay for you. That’s wrong. It should be jail.”

In the girls camp Gillian started scratching her head and said she had a tic.Stacey said “Of all the people in the jungle first who’d get a tic it had to be Gillian. I don’t know why I’m laughing.”

But Britt was unsympathetic. “We have tics in Sweden. They just itch. It’s so bizarre that you have a headache. I’ve never heard of that. There was no swelling or redness anywhere but she says she still has a residual headache from the tic. I’ve never heard of that so there must be two different kind of tics. A Gillian tic and a Swedish tic.”

Celebrities Reunited. The two camps were told that both would be merging. Most of the campmates were happy but Shaun and Gillian had reservations.

We’ll have another round-up next Wednesday.