Can One Direction win The X Factor?

We are just a few weeks away from the finale of The X Factor, but can One Direction become the first group to win the show?

Each week, we will be asking a ‘question of the week’, and this week it’s regarding One Direction. Five rejects put together who have made it all the way to the live shows and are almost guaranteed a place in the the finale. The question is, can this group win? A selection of your comments to ATV Today are  listed below.

  • onedirectionilovyoue 2010-11-21 00:02
I’i think tyhey an win because they have the whole package and some previous contestants were only kept in because of there looks eg lloyd daniels but thses boys have got what it takes and they look amzinig one direction to win =D
  • ana 2010-11-21 00:10
YES!! absolutely!! I am a great fan, not because they are cute or anything but they are 1. energetic, 2. they dont sing always the same genre and 3. to be where they are it shows how hard they work and how much they want to be there.
1. mary sings well but in my opinion a singer career should be started when young…plz dont criticize its just my opinion. XB
2. wagner , dont even let me get started…if he wins its going to be the day music dies. im being serious. :grr:
3. katie, just dont like, shes been on bottow two way too many times. so no :grr:
4. cher, she sometimes sings well but i dont think she has what it takes to be in the final.. XD
5. rebecca, yes, yes she sings well but she is always singing the same genre and she said ‘oh i had to walk a bit so i was a bit nervous’…common imagine if she had to dance. Lool :snicker:
6.paije, dont like is voice. =_=
7. matt is a great singer. =) direction the best and they deserve to be in the final and win…
and no im not some girl who likes their looks.plz if dont agree plz dont be rude…the world is free and this is my opinion ^_^
  • Danielle 2010-11-21 00:52
It doesn’t matter if they win or not because they will probably be the most successful from the show anyway. I want them to win though! =DHarry Styles – :love:
Zayn Malik – :blush:
Louis Tomlinson – ^_^
Liam Payne – :Pout:
Niall Horan – :sigh::
  • Enriq 2010-11-21 01:23
1 Rebbecca =D I can listen to her voice over and over and never get tired.
2 Matt he is good and has a nice voice o_O
3. The kids from One direction sing out of tune night after night, they are probably good to look at if you are a 16 years old girl but they are a mile from the best singers. They will probably stay around anyways, the show is not just the singing and that’s a fact :talkbiz:
4. Mary is great but I would not buy that kind of music, just too old for me.
5. Paige, a bit boring to be honest :nuu:
6. Katie, I have to admit she is entertaining to watch, so much drama. But I would never by a CD or download her music, is just visual entertainment and is boring to listen to her. :onoes:
7. Cher, I never quite like her she should have stayed behind from the judges houses. No interested in her music :eyebrow:
And from the ones that left the onlt one that deserve to stay for longer was Treyc, I would by her CD anytime and she had an incredible voice.
  • laura 2010-11-21 09:23
Totally agree with you one direction are awesome they sing better as a five rather than alone xx
  • Maria 2010-11-21 11:18
Yes I think One Direction can win. But as others have said, they don’t actually have to win the show to be winners. They will be a success anyway due to mainly Teenage Girls having the spending power to buy their records to make them hits.
  • Molly 2010-11-21 11:29

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. Of course they can win it! 5, lovely, hardworking, talented + beautiful lads working together? they have the whole package! I am a huge fan of them but its not just for there looks, they ARE great singers, good looks are just an extra! I think it will be a very very close final between one direction and matt, but wherever they go they will still be the newest boyband about! they will not go back to living there normal lives, they have too many fans that love them loads! :love:MARY – Amazing voice at SOME songs, shes not consistent like most of the other acts, She would of been good if she had a better mentor then Louis.

CHER – Although you may disagree I think shes better at rapping then singing, shes an AWFUL singer in my opinion! she will go far, but she will not win it.

KATIE – I love Katie, she is one of the best singers in the show but everybody listens to the newspapers, its all rubbish!

MATT – Really good singer and a nice enough person but for me theres something missing. In my opinion he doesn’t really deserve too win, his friend sent in the tape for him because he thought the show was a ‘joke’ and that you get no where with it.

REBECCA – Amazing singer and a lovely girl, I love her but I think she needs to be a bit more confident!

PAIJE – Boring, boring, boring. I like him, he has a good voice but I wouldn’t be able too listen too his whole album!

WAGNER – ER I HATE HIM, how did he even get through his first audition!? Louis Walsh is a joke. Good acts have been lost yet he is still in. I WANT AIDEN BACK!

RANT OVER, haha bye! =D

  • Laura 2010-11-21 12:15
  • ellen 2010-11-21 12:37
one direction will win their just awesome and really talented :love:
  • natasha 2010-11-21 13:38

without a doubt they can win =D they’re AMAZING! One direction have EVERYTHING. They sing, and they look great. what more could you ask forr XDcher: she’s okay, only liked her when she sung stay, i think her ego is too big o_O

matt: he has an amazing voice, absoltuley stunning!, if one direction don’t win then he has too, otherwise he can come second =)

mary: big voice, i don’t think she can sing any song she only suits somee, plus it sounds like she shouts alot :nuu:

Rebecca: her voice is fantastic but she sounds the same every week, i think she needs to mix it up a bit. although i love her personality =) she seems liek such a lovely person =)

paije: i liek his voice but i don’t get excited when he comes on, i think he’s a bit boring tbh :onoes:

Im not even gunna start on Wagner :sick: he literally makes me wanna throw up.
he doesn’t deserve to be on t.v

i know he get’s loads of haters, and if he didn’t deserve it i wouldn’t hate on him, but he does deserve it, he’s a horrible bully.
  • K 2010-11-21 15:33
Of course one direction could win! If you ask me, they have the full package; The voices, looks, style, age for girls to adore them etc. There is absolutely no reason why the couldn’t. They have the same if not more talent then what JLS had at that stage in the competition. Only different is One Direction have only been together a number of months and are amazing! If their this good already, what will they be like in a few years time? So yes they could :love: x
  • OneDirection=Amazing!! 2010-11-21 16:07
they are absolutely amazing and have really good voices,personal ly i think they ave the whole package and its about time a group won this competition :love: and since JLS, they r the best group on x factor :love:
and the best thing is that each one of them ave a really unique and good voice, sooo together they sound great :love:Zain :love:
Harry =D
Liam :drunk:
Louis ^_^
Niall XD
  • zayn malik iloveyou 2010-11-21 23:23
omg one direction are the best and have a chance of wining the x factor. zayn malik is hot hot :love
  • Jessica O Brien 2010-11-23 00:06
wow i couldnt agree wit u more..! im a huge fan of One Direction aswell but even what you sed about the rest of the contestants…i totally agree wit u!! I laughed at wat u sed bout rebecca bcoz thats exactly wat we sed!!  x =)