Channel 5 to drop Sky News?

 The provider of Channel 5 News is likely to be axed, according to a report.

The Media Guardian is reporting that the new Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond is looking to end the contract with Sky News early. In 2009, the previous Channel 5 management extended the contract with the news service, which also broadcasts its own 24 hour rolling news channel, until 2012. In October, a spokeswoman told ATV Today;

“We have a contract with Sky News and we are currently very happy with the service they provide.”

It is said that Richard Desmond has asked ITN – who produce ITV News and Channel 4 News, CNN and Mentorn to draw up an alternative to what Sky currently offers. ITN were the original news providers for Channel 5 back in 1997. The MG does say that Sky were also asked to send proposals, although MG sources suggest they will not likely win the contract as Desmond is looking for something different.

It is thought that he wants news programming to be downmarket with more coverage of celebrity stories. Live From Studio Five, which falls under the channel’s news remit, shifted focus this year, by only reporting on celebrity news.

5 News when it launched was very youth focused and image aligned. Recently its had a more formal and authoritative look, however it remains to be seen whether this style will remain or whether a more tabliod approach will be taken. Insiders believe the likely winner would be ITN which is favored by top management.