Matt Cardle criticises X Factor Divas

 Matt Cardle has criticised acts on The X Factor who are divas behind-the-scenes.


X FactorMatt Cardle has criticised acts on The X Factor who are divas behind-the-scenes. The singer made his comments in an interview with the X Factor magazine. Cardle made reference to Wagner Carrilho who was booted off The X Factor last week. Cardle had previously urged X Factor viewers to stop voting for Wagner – as there was a serious possibility he would make it through to the finale.


If something pisses me off, it pisses me off. It’s like Wagner – he annoyed me, so I said something. One week they were messing about with my clothes right up to the moment I went on stage, so that pissed me off and I went out in a vest. But I haven’t had a tantrum, because there’s no point. ‘Diva’ is a weird word – it can be sugarcoating for being an absolute pr*ck. It’s like, ‘Sort yourself out, you’re not a diva, you’re a d***head’. It’s a telly show and you do get a lot of exposure, but I said I’d never change. And I haven’t. I promised myself I’d stay the same and be myself and I’ve done that. The people that have thrown tantrums, if that’s what they do in real life then fair play. I’ve got upset and I’ve got pissed off but I’ve kept it to myself. – Matt Cardle speaking to the X Factor magazine


This series of The X Factor has certainly been an eventful run with plenty of tabloid coverage. The tabloids have been full of alleged falling outs between the different acts on this year’s competition and bitter rivals between them. Katie Waissel, who exited the competition alongside Wagner last week, was subject to a long running negative campaign by the press.