Daran Little criticises "snobbery" surrounding TOWIE Bafta Win

The Only Way is EssexDaran Little has criticised the “snobbery” surrounding The Only Way Is Essex winning a Bafta last weekend.

The hit ITV2 “scripted reality” series picked up the only Bafta awarded to be voted for by viewers. The series was up against Channel Four’s hugely popular Big Fat Gypsy Wedding as well as dramas such as Sherlock and Downton Abbey. In something of a surprise The Only Way Is Essex beat the more prestigious dramas to grab the BAFTA and Daran Little has hit out at the snobbery over that win.

“I was surprised by the snobbery surrounding it. If fans want to show their appreciation by voting for it, what’s the problem? Maybe it’s because viewers want to wallow in the lives of ‘ordinary’ people, to laugh at their stupidity and shout their catchphrases. Isn’t this the next evolution of Big Brother? To film fame-hungry but seemingly talentless young people in their natural environment rather than in one big house?” – Daran Little quoted in The Sun

Little was a ‘story producer’ on TOWIE, as it’s known by fans, for its first series. He also penned BBC Four’s The Road to Coronation Street – which also picked up a BAFTA – and is also a ‘story producer’ for E4’s Made in Chelsea.