Lexi Ainsworth exiting General Hospital

General HospitalLexi Ainsworth has confirmed she’s leaving ABC medical soap General Hospital.

The actress plays Kristina Davis on the daytime medical soap and joined the cast of General Hospital in June 2009. She is one of the younger stars of the soap but her time on the series is coming to an end. Ainsworth has confirmed to followers on Twitter that she has taped her final scenes with the soap and is indeed leaving. Ainsworth was confirming rumours which had been circulating about her departure from the soap.

According to rumours her character will depart Port Charles but return at a later date with a new older actress portraying her. Ironically Ainsworth joined General Hospital in 2009 when the character was aged up then. The aging up of characters, especially children, on daytime American soaps is quite common with all the soaps on-air guilty of it. British and Australian soaps have also been known to play with characters ages for storyline purposes.

While not officially confirmed its likely that Ainsworth will make her last appearance on General Hospital during November.