David Hasselhoff is a chicken for video games

He may have, apparently, been dropped from Britain’s Got Talent faster than Susan Boyle can sing The Greatest Love of All, but David Hasselhoff is back to entertain American audiences – dressed as a chicken.

The former Knight Rider actor, who is 59-years-old, wants to keep a youthful outlook and says he intends to be “hip and current with the kids.” As part of his ideal idea of maintaining his youthfulness Hasselhoff has signed up to front commercials for video game producers Electronic Arts.

The trailers include ‘The Hoff’ dressing up as a chicken and a Cheerleader to promote racing game Burnout Crash. However it doesn’t stop there, he also fancies developing his own Hasselhoff video game. He believes a racing game, possibly based on action series Knight Rider, which he played Michael Knight – and featured a talking car called Kitt – could be a winner.

It could start a trend, ‘The Hoff’s’ other hit show – Baywatch – could be another possibility for Electronic Arts. A computer generated version of actress Pamela Anderson bounding along the beach which challenges to rescue dogs, humans and fishermen from the sea could end up as big as The Sims or even, er, Theme Hospital.

In the advert for Burnout Crash David plays the character Kinect who destroys an ice-cream van by laying a giant egg on top of it. What will the kids make of it? Well they’ll either find him a cool clucker or a stupid clucker.