CBBC asks fans to vote for favourite Sarah Jane story

The Sarah Jane AdventuresThe CBBC Channel is currently running a poll to see find the Ultimate Sarah Jane Adventures story.

{jcomments on}There are five stories in the poll – one representing each season of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The first season is represented with the two-part opening story Revenge of the Slitheen – which followed the 2007 New Year special Invasion of the Bane. Revenge of the Slitheen introduced Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer, who didn’t appear in the pilot, and as the title suggests features the Slitheen from Doctor Who – they become the recurring villains of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The second season is represented by The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith which features the Trickster (Paul Marc Davis) in his second appearance – the Trickster was also a recurring villain in the spin-off series. The story see’s the Trickster give Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) the chance to save her parents from a car crash – but there’s always a catch. The third season story in the Elisabeth Sladen and Katy Manningpoll is The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith – another Trickster story. It guest-starred David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, the first time the character had appeared in any on-screen Doctor Who spin-off series, and also guest starred Nigel Havers.

The fourth story in the poll is The Death of the Doctor – which once again features the Time Lord but this time played by Matt Smith. The episode also marks the first time that actress Katy Manning reprised her role of Jo Grant on-screen since she left Doctor Who in 1973. The episode also guest stars Laila Rouass and Finn Jones. Finally The Man Who Never Was is the last story to be included in the poll and is also the final ever Sarah Jane Adventures story.

Voting in the poll closes this Friday with the winning story shown on Monday on the CBBC Channel. To vote click here >>

(Via the Doctor Who Newspage)