Sun on Sunday sells over 3 million copies

Rupert Murdoch can rest a little easy because the first edition of The Sun on Sunday was a huge success for News International with the company reporting that around 3.2 million copies were sold with its rivals taking a hit. The figure makes the Sunday edition of The Sun the biggest seller, in the Sunday market, for several years. The final edition of the News of the World didn’t manage to reach such heights despite the enormous interest in it.
The Sun on Sunday’s successful launch can be put down to several factors; public interest in the launch of the new newspaper, the fact that the public miss the News of the World despite its tarnished reputation and the price war which meant the tabloid cost just 50p. Other tabloids cut their prices too to try and beat The Sun on Sunday but the paper’s rivals took a hit with The Sunday Mirror hit worse of all.
However, reviewers of the new Sunday tabloid were not overly impressed by it with some labelling it as ‘dull’ and ‘boring’. There were no sensational ‘scoops’ which made News of the World a must-read with Sunday buyers but then that’s because the paper is now aiming for a “family audience”.