Piers Morgan to host Lorraine Kelly’s ITV anniversary special

The Good Morning Britain host is to oversee the proceedings of Lorraine’s anniversary special.

Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid.

“To survive thirty-five years at the top of television is an extraordinary feat. Lorraine is a lovely lady and brilliant broadcaster…I look forward to sharing her big celebration in some way that makes her yelp in horror!” – Piers Morgan

GMB presenter Piers Morgan will be helping to mark Lorraine Kelly’s 35 years in broadcasting on Monday when he joins her for a very special anniversary show.

Hotfooting it from the adjacent Good Morning Britain studio as soon as he comes off air at 8.30am, Piers will have a few surprises up his sleeve for the veteran journalist, including a ‘This is Your Life’ style tribute  called ‘Trip Down Memory Lorraine’.

The edition will be packed with celebratory moments and will include newly created opening credits, celebrity tributes, a look at some of Lorraine’s most daring fashion moments, along with a montage of highlights from her TV career.

“Lorraine is a stalwart of British broadcasting. She must have racked up more live TV hours than almost any other presenter over the course of her career. She’s interviewed everyone who’s anyone and covered moving stories, from Dunblane to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, so Monday’s programme is going to be very special. As the show is a surprise, Lorraine doesn’t know quite what to expect. But I can promise we will have some poignant moments and funny clips as well as some familiar faces to help mark the occasion. It’s live TV so anything can happen, especially with Piers in our studio!” – Lorraine Editor Victoria Kennedy

Lorraine Kelly burst onto breakfast television in 1984 with TV-am’s original Good Morning Britain.

In 1993 Lorraine moved over to the new GMTV.

Lorraine began her breakfast broadcasting career with Good Morning Britain from TV-am, as a reporter having joined the breakfast station from the BBC in Scotland. She would go on to become one of the main faces of Good Morning Britain as well as GMTV, Daybreak and her own shows including Top of the Morning, GMTV with Lorraine, LK Live and LK Today. Her series is now simply titled, Lorraine.

“I cannot believe where the time has gone! It honestly feels like yesterday when I started as Scottish correspondent for TV-am. I am still learning every day and I have the same enthusiasm and passion for the job as I did all those years ago…


“I had been working as a researcher at BBC Scotland and been told by the big boss that I would never make it in TV because of my Glasgow accent. I went down to London to meet all of the TV-am team and see the show being broadcast, before taking over at the Glasgow office.


“I will never forget, Anne Diamond and Mike Morris were interviewing the icon that is Bette Davis that morning. I couldn’t believe that I was in the same room as a living legend. I knew this was where I wanted to be.” – Lorraine Kelly

The Lorraine Kelly anniversary special edition of Lorraine airs Monday 30th September from 8.30am on ITV.

Lorraine has hosted her own series since the 1990s. It’s had various names including Top of the Morning and LK Live.

Lorraine has also hosted Daybreak for ITV and This Morning.