The 1970s lingers long for TV viewers

The 1970s telly, fashion and music is still popular with many in the UK it seems…

“Fashion is always cyclical and the resurgence of 1970s style comes at a time when the decade is being reappraised as one of the serious style credentials. From disco to punk, street style and catwalk fashion was taken in entirely new directions. Now, wide-leg or flared jeans are preferred to the ubiquitous skinnies of the Noughties, retro sportswear is on the rise, and TV icons such as Farah Fawcett are once again seen as providing major style inspiration.” – fashion historian, Amber Butchart

With the original Charlie’s Angels now back on TV screens in the UK, and with lots of excitement surrounding the movie reboot, recent research by Sony Channel has uncovered the Brits enduring obsession with 70s fashion and our favourite style icons from the era.

People over 55 still rate the TV shows of the 70s as the most influential when it comes to their style, but over two thirds (68%) of adults of all ages still admit to loving the classic fashion trends from the decade. Over a third, (36%) of British men and women say their wardrobe inspiration originates from the TV shows they watch, and anyone reminiscing about the stars of the 70s would find it impossible to overlook Charlie’s Angels’, Farrah Fawcett.

Whether she was wearing her iconic red one-piece at the beach, a slinky sequined jumpsuit out on the town or sporting her iconic ‘Farrah flip’ hairstyle, Farrah Fawcett has been voted the number 1 style queen of the big and small screen; not least in Charlie’s Angels when the world fell in love with her character Jill Munroe 50 years ago.

Farrah has had such an impact on British women that more than a quarter (26%) of them have rocked a ‘Farrah flip’ hairdo. The Angel effect lasts to this day with a further quarter (26%) of those over 45 saying their style has been influenced by the original 70s show.

When it comes to the 1970s trends that remain firmly en vogue, denim shirts and jackets, thigh-high/knee-high or cowboy boots, and the de rigueur Charlie Angel’s flares remain a centrepiece of wardrobes around the country.

The nation is set for a new wave of Saturday Night Fever fashion with the original run of Charlie’s Angels being aired on Sony Channel (previously True Entertainment) every weekday at 6pm and Saturdays at 4pm.

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