Crossroads’ Benny to seek the Doctors

Crossroads mainstay of the 1970s and 80s was “dim-wit” Benny.  The actor behind the character, Paul Henry, who hasn’t been seen on TV much since the motel’s demise in 1988 is to star in BBC 1 Midland soap, DoctorsThe motel handyman was considered to be one screwdriver short of a toolbox, but this week Henry proves he can play a more dynamic role. He appears in BBC One drama Doctors, as a relative of a patient at the centre. Tune in from the week starting 20th October 2003.

Crossroads Fan Club members review of Paul Henry in Doctors:

“Only caught him in the flashbacks as that unpleasant neighbour but it was great seeing him as someone other than Benny! And, more importantly, that someone wanted him back on our screens!”

Patricia Dempsey

“I found watching The First Ever double episode of Murder She Wrote far more entertaining than Doctors! I do like doctors you cant really not like it and the subjects of recent have been topical but i feel Fridays was pointless and scraped the barrel beyond belief really!

I do hope that Paul was wearing some sort of padding because i always remember him big but he was HUGE!! Miss Diane evidently hasnt been looking after him at all well!

I thought the whole child dying at the beginning of the week was outrageous for an afternoon viewing! Thank goodness i watched it later after work! It was devistating and just left it – no emotions just Ronnie oh, boring Ronnie saying I’m Sorry! What an anti-climax!

Justin Mason