Bi Weekly – Issue Two

After much persuasion we’ve decided to re-launch our gay spy section as a bi-weekly magazine style round up of the latest news from the LGBT world but as you’ve come to expect from us we don’t just report the news, we comment on it as well. So along with news and views we also have a few other features lined-up for you in this second issue of Bi-Weekly.

Moyles Criticised for gay remarks

Once again unfunny radio DJ Chris Moyles is in trouble for perceived homophobia on his Radio One show. Moyles has previously gotten into trouble for using the word “gay” is a derogatory manner but now Moyles has sunk to a new low. Mr. Unfunny made remarks about Will Young on January 20th, the singer’s Birthday, which were judged to have breached codes and were derogatory to gays.

Moyles mocked the singer by speaking in an camp voice and sung alternative versions of two songs by the singer that referenced his sexuality in a derogatory way. Ofcom ruled that the broadcast breached its code after complaints from listeners. There have now been calls for Moyles to be sacked following the latest incident involving him. Elsewhere there was further bad news for Mr. Unfunny when it was revealed his television comeback was something of a flop. Well can’t say I’m surprised. Moyles is about as funny as your average ITV comedy.

Transphobia in Wallpaper


Moving Wallpaper has been accused of promoting transphobia after a recent episode of the ITV1 sitcom featured a transgender character. However, the transgender character was at the centre of many of the jokes used in the episode and was referred to as “it” and “he/she” on a number of occasions. References were also made to the characters “hairy hands, stubbly face and Adam’s apple”. The character, Georgina, was also referred to as George by character Jonathan Pope [Ben Miller]. As if digging its own grave Moving Wallpaper didn’t stop there and also had countless references to the “snip” so it’s little wonder over fifty people complained to Ofcom about the episode. The media regulator told The Daily Star it would investigate the episode. Having seen the episode myself and thinking, at the time, it was passed the mark let’s hope Ofcom actually rule on the right side for a change.

Carey Gay Flick to Risqué for Yanks

Jim Carey’s new gay romance film, I Love You Phillip Morris, has been deemed too risqué for American audiences. While the film has been cleared for release in the UK and Europe it’s felt that it is too gay for American audiences who may not wish to see two men in love, or kissing, unless it’s done as a joke – doesn’t anyone remember the smash hit that was Brokeback Mountain?

The film apparently features a graphic sex scene which further adds anxiety for releasers in America who fear that audiences may not like a graphic gay sex scene – but would probably be okay with a graphic heterosexual scene. If they film doesn’t secure a release in America it’ll go straight to DVD.


Christian not a stereotype

EastEnders actor John Partridge has spoken about playing his character, Christian Clarke, in the BBC soap. He told the Press Association that he didn’t really consider Christian a stereotypical gay character although there may be certain aspects of the character which may be considered stereotypical but these are expected by audiences.

The actor also says that his character will be involved in an upcoming “exciting” storyline. When he joined the BBC soap in 2007 the actor warned against making his character too much like Sean Tully in Coronation Street but we think he had nothing to fear – after all John Partridge can actually act.


Lesbian Kiss cut from Home and Away?

The saga of the lesbians in Home and Away continues as you may have once again read elsewhere on the site. Home and Away has recently introduced a lesbian romance storyline to the wrath of home and awaynarrow-minded Christians, well so-called Christians, in Australia who don’t feel the storyline is right for a family soap. Network Seven, which broadcasts the soap in Australia, has been forced to edit out a kiss between the two loved-up characters from an episode. Or has it? Over the weekend several Home and Away fan sites claimed no such move had happened and the kiss would be screened. Then came another twist! Another programme on Network Seven was reportedly going to air an episode on the controversery surrounding the kiss even though Home and Away bosses had asked them not to.

When ATV News contacted UK broadcaster of the soap, Five, on Monday we were told that the kiss wouldn’t be in the broadcast edition of the episode but may be included on preview disks. Once again a narrow-minded minority ruin it for the liberal majority. Maybe these people would prefer to watch The Waltons after all.

Cotton Stays On

ITV might be cutting back its budgets and trying to cut out the deadwood but they haven’t quite succeeded in one case as Antony Cotton has signed a new contract with the soap. Despite having a flop chat-show behind him and being criticised by Corrie fans, on the net, for his lack of acting skills Cotton has somehow managed to stay on at Coronation Street. But then again there are so many pointless characters on those cobbles what difference does one more make?

Who’s Hotter? – The Results

Well last week we asked you who was hotter of the Shameless boys; Jamie, Shane, Joe and Ian. Unsurprisingly, because he was topless, Jamie Maguire won the vote by a fair margin. New boy Joe, who looks like he turns out to be a nasty piece of work, comes second with Ian and Mickey tying in the share of the vote. So with that vote out the way time to move onto another one…..


Who’s Hotter? Freddie V. Cooke

This week’s Who’s Hotter features Freddie and Cooke from Skins. If you’ve been watching Skins season three you’ll know that lucky cow Effy had both of them but which would you choose? Did the sight of Freddie topless at least once in every episode do it for you or maybe Cooke and his womanising ways was more you kinda thing. Send your votes to us at and the winner will be announced in the next issue!

Skins – Season Three, your thoughts

Last week we asked you what you thought on season three of Skins which came to a close last Thursday. A fourth season will follow. We asked what you thought of the new bunch of characters and if they were as good as the first generation. We had a lot of emails saying that Maxxie was missed and should come back. Well with Britannia High being nothing but a flop, and not coming back, may that isn’t too farfetched – but that’s just us wishing really. Here are some of your views:

Queer as Folk: USA versus UK

This week we’re asking your opinion on Queer as Folk and which version is better – the USA version Cast of the American versionor the original UK version? The British version was created by Russell T. Davies and ran for two seasons on Channel Four before the decision was to taken to end it – go out on a high. Its American counter-part however ran for five seasons and a sixth season was a serious possibility at one point. It’s a question that divides opinion but it’s one we are prepared to ask. Which do you prefer? British or American and why? Send your vote to

You Asked, We Listened

Just before we went to press we got an email asking if we could upload a bigger version of the photo of Jamie Maguire, of Shameless, from last issue’s Who’s Hotter segment. Well we listened and here for you is a larger photo of the said version. If you have any other such requests why not email them to us at:

And we should probably just remind you that Shameless, and all its hunks, are still airing on Channel Four on Tuesday evenings at 10pm. You can watch the following episode immediately after on E4 at 11pm. If you miss Tuesday’s episode it’s repeated on Wednesday, on Channel Four, at 11pm.

Photo of the Week – Primeval

ITV time-travel, dinosaur drama Primeval returned to screens on Saturday night complete with several new cast members to get excited about. Firstly there’s Laila Rouass who you may remember as the bonkers, and vindictive, Amber Gates in Footballers Wives. Amber did everything she could to stop Tanya Turner from nicking her bisexual and hunky husband Conrad and in the end she may have one but her happiness was short-lived as poor old Conrad was killed off. In the fifth and final season of Footballers Wives Amber went off the rails a bit more but we still loved her. But that’s enough about Footballers Wives’ because another new addition to Primeval is the hunk in our photo, complete with his large weapon. Do you need any more reasons to tune in to Primeval?

Catch Primeval on ITV1 on Saturday evenings.

Yet Another Nuke Video

Last issue we had their second kiss so it’s only logical we should move onto their third kiss for this issues Nuke video. Can you tell we’re just the little bit obsessed with Nuke?

To view the video click here >>

Bi Weekly Recommends: The State Within

Tense spy/thriller drama starring Sharon Gless and Ben Daniels revolving around a conspiracy involving America and British security forces, big American corporations and a Middle Eastern country few have heard off. The conspiracy threatens to bring down all those involved as it spirals out of control. Sharon Gless, a gay icon in her own right, is amongst the cast of this brilliant drama so that alone should make you run out and buy it!

That’s it for this issue folks; the next issue will be uploaded and ready to read on Wednesday15th April. Our email address, should you wish to drop us a line [removed]