Hollyoaks Star Praises Plot

Hollyoaks actress Saira Choudhry whose character is currently at the centre of a racist bullying storyline has praised the soap’s producers over their handling of the plot.
The star who has played schoolgirl Anita Roy in the Chester-based series since late last year has revealed that she is hoping to inspire real-life victims as her character Anita struggles to come to terms with her ordeal over the coming weeks.

Speaking to Hot TV magazine, she said “I think it’s good that Hollyoaks is doing this storyline Sadly, things like this do happen and there are people out there suffering like Anita.”

“It’s been done really well and will show people who are suffering that they are not alone. There will be kids out there in deep despair and hopefully when they see her pull through, they’ll get hope from this.” she added.