Forget TV Times – You’ve Got Me!

So I thought I would jump on the band wagon and comment on Susan Boyle, writes Ashleigh, in another edition of her column for ATV Today.

I watch every “make my dreams come true” TV programme. I watch them all: Big Brother, Fame Academy, Pop Idol, X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent and yes indeed last Saturday night I sat in front of the goggle box to watch Britain’s Got (Much More) Talent ( Than America!!).

I love these shows and I’m not ashamed to say it! Yes they bring out all the weirdos, yes they are calculated and edited and yes they’re exploitative, but nobody holds a gun to the contestants heads and forces them to perform. It’s light entertainment and I’m sure as hell entertained, plus I like to believe that people can be plucked from nowhere and have their dreams come true. I like to believe that it could be me one day…

And these shows are a great chance for undiscovered talents to come forth and sell their souls to the devil AKA Simon Cowell. No in all seriousness, sometimes a real gem is unearthed.Cue Susan Boyle. Now I believe I’m quite an expert on these sorts of programmes since I watch so many, and so when she walked onstage I knew what she was going to be like…or so I thought.

Shame on me for dismissing her. And I did. With those bushy eyebrows, frizzy hair and body that isn’t supposed to be seen this side of attractive we just knew she was deluded. “You want to be a professional singer you say, the new Elaine Paige you say, never been given a chance you say – mate have a word! Look at you” I thought. And then she sang.

I nearly screamed the house down. I love her. OMG I love her. Thank you God for giving us Susan Boyle. Shame on all of us for dismissing her, and you know you did, for not giving her a chance because she isn’t a plastic clone of bottle blonde and Baywatch boobs. Such beauty radiates from her, a beauty that comes from within making her authentic, talented and well on her way to becoming BIGGER than Elaine Paige. It’s so humbling to hear her sing, it’s an honour to see her perform and I wish her all the best for the career that she will undoubtedly now have.

ITVFrom undiscovered talent to tired old has-beens cooking their way back to the public’s attention in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve been watching it on and off but that was enough to realise I hate Grant Bovey. OMG – what a cock. There is no other word for him. Thank god he got sacked, but then what was that “please protect my wife” and then Marco humouring him with “you have my word – as a man”? What is Anthea, five? And where is Grant off to, Iraq?

Wishful thinking there but COME ON – she’s a grown woman (although she didn’t act like that as she broke near in half on the kitchen floor, blaarin’ cause he had been sacked). His behaviour really makes me question their marriage, like can she even breathe without him “protecting” her? What a chauvinist. What a controlling, egotistical, jump-start leech cause who is he apart from Anthea’s husband? Who was he before he became her husband: NO-BOD-Y! Marco had his number, P45 to be precise!

Apart from that, I like two-faced Ade and of course don’t include him in the “tired old has-been” category. Danielle is about as useful as a chocolate kettle, Ms Dynamite’s blast was disappointing so LINDA TO WIN just for being American and pretty!

When is the jungle one back!

Until next time, Go with love.

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