Tarrant Quiz-Show Axed

Chris Tarrant’s latest quiz-show for ITV1, The Colour of Money, has been axed by the struggling broadcaster after just seven episodes.

Struggling broadcaster ITV has wielded its axe once more and this time it has fallen on Chris Tarrant’s new game-show, The Colour of Money. ITV execs had high hopes for the show hoping it would be a huge success like Tarrant’s other quiz-show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Tarrant co-hosted the quiz with Millie Code, a Sky Sports Presenter, but audiences just weren’t interested in the show. Although it aired in a prime-time slot with a big advertising push ratings were below expectations. ITV had hoped that five million viewers would tune in and while they came close with 4.1 million viewers for its first instalment ratings quickly took a dive. By the time the series reached its seventh episode the ratings had tumbled below three million.