The Queen beats Flashforward

The second part of Channel Four’s new documentary-drama series The Queen managed to beat American import Flashfoward last night. The second episode of the drama, featuring Samantha Bond as the Monarch, saw less viewers than Monday night’s opening instalment but still had enough to beat FlashFoward which has so far performed well for Five.

The second part of The Queen, Channel Four’s new documentary-drama series examining key Channel FOurmoments in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, lost 400,000 viewers last night. The second episode saw Samantha Bond play the Monarch as she faces the financial crises of the 1970s and the episode was seen by 2 million viewers. Sunday night’s episode, set in the 1950s with Emilia Fox in the title role, was seen by 2.4 million viewers. Despite the drop the drama still outperformed American import FlashForward on Five at the same time. So far the new American drama series, widely tipped as the next Lost, has performed well for Five but last night it pulled in its lowest audience so far. Overnight figures reveal 1.9 million viewers tuned in.

The Queen continues tonight on Channel Four at 9pm.