Soap Weekly: November 2009

Music lovers have been treated recently to the sounds of popular artists performing around the popular backdrop of the Hollyoaks set while the BBC introduced us to the new cast of their online EastEnders spin-off and Coronation Street’s Graham is finding life a drag.
Hollyoaks: The Music Show
Lime Pictures  - Agnes on Hollyoaks The Music ShowMusic lovers have been treated recently to the sounds of popular artists performing around the popular backdrop of the Hollyoaks set. And there’s plenty more to come as Hollyoaks: The Music Show continues.
Singing talent on recent shows have included Pixie Lott, Taio Cruz and Mini Viva. The series also provides a platform for unsigned artists to gain some national exposure. How very BBC of Hollyoaks to provide such a public service outlet for these bands.
Coming up in show seven… live performances by Jason DeRulo, Newton Faulkner, Agnes and The Veronicas.
Hollyoaks’ music series airs on the T4 Saturday strand of programming on Channel 4.

E20, BBCMeet the lead cast in EastEnders‘ new teen-aimed spin off EastOaks, er, HollyEnders.. or something like that. Diggit? Right on. No I haven’t a clue either, ATV generally appeals to the over 25s, so while this is more Digital Spy‘s youth-aimed territory, we thought it would be rude not to poke into the latest venture from the BBC. After all, I like to know where my hard earned dosh thats handed over to the licence fee ends up going.

Fatboy, played by Ricky Norwood

BBCProviding a new nickname for chubby teens across playgrounds throughout the UK, welcome Fatboy. Although the actor isn’t obese, he’d be considered a twig next to Heather ‘personality transplant to shag Darren’ Trott.


Now apparently our Fatboy slim isn’t a happy go lucky chap. What a surprise, Walford doesn’t do happy go lucky teens of course. No, for our fattie is really called Arthur Chubb. (Do you think the producers are having a in-house pee take with the names? Heather Trott, and now this? Something against porky people?)


And because he doesn’t like being himself he’s invented all manner of personas since he was seven years old in an attempt to avoid being Arthur Chubb. His current and most sustained self-creation is Fatboy.


Ricky said: “I am so excited to be on the show, it’s an honour to now be part of a show that has been on in my house for as long as I have been alive. I am born and bred in the East End – a stones throw from the real Albert Square – it feels like a homecoming. I love being part of a cast that feels like family and can’t wait to have a scene in the Vic.”


Leon, played by Sam Attwater

BBCNext up is Leon who no doubt would prove popular with EastEnders‘ Christian as our sexy and effortlessly cool Leon doesn’t mind getting a good bashing around the ring. Yes, he is a dedicated boxer and takes pride in the fact that in the ring “no one touches the face”.


Leon is a happy go lucky, actually scrub that. Its EastEnders doh! Sorry, Leon has a short fuse and a lack of respect for those in authority. Leon’s mum died when he was young and he takes a great deal of responsibility for his alcoholic father. Note to viewers; another tortured sole.


Sam remarked: “It is a great privilege to be working with such great actors and on such an established show. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m really enjoying tackling a character like Leon who has so much going on!”


Mercy Olubunmi, played by Bunmi Mojekwu

BBCAre you begging for Mercy? Just from the sound of the previous two characters I may just well be, I can see those joyful pair sending me straight for the anti-depressives. At least Hollyoaks is cheap and cheerful with a bit of sexy flesh. Anyway Mercy comes in the forum of a girl who lives with her strict grandmother. Another happy go lucky character then, not.


Now it may come as no surprise that Mercy is harbouring a huge secret from her dear granny. What could that be? Well it must be something more original than she’s up the Trott with a dodgy baby. Now apparently Mercy has always been a good girl, but when her parents head back to Nigeria she feels abandoned. Good times, I’m yearning for James Sutton to snog some bit of male flesh already. 


Bunmi said: “I feel so blessed to be a part of Eastenders: E20. My first day on set was just crazy, I was on Albert square – a dream come true – I’m enjoying every second.”


Zsa Zsa, played by Emer Kenny

BBCZsa Zsa is clearly the happy one of the four? Or maybe not. We seem to think for some reason she’s a raving nutter, but time will tell. She is promoted as a beautiful, funky and outspoken tomboy. Sounds like a cockney character JoAnne Good once played to me. I’m old enough to remember that you see.


Anyway Zsa Zsa as well as being very much like the young JoAnne Good in another soap is also very similar to her Auntie Shirley played by Linda Henry. I thought for a moment it said Linda Gray. I was almost excited there, imagine Dallas’ Sue Ellen in Albert Square. She’d give Phil Mitchell a run for title of biggest boozer.


Zsa Zsa’s very bright but she likes to think she doesn’t need help from anyone, although no doubt she’ll need the Samaritans by the end of EastOaks: E20.


Soap Highlights
ITVPoor old Laurel has had a rough time of it lately at the hands of deranged, edging on evil, Sally. In the week ahead Laurel finally, finally starts to think that nutty Sally is behind the recent troubles and tells Nicola she won’t let her get away with it. Meanwhile wicked Sally, who is trying to make her move on sweet, if often un-Godly, local Reverend Ashley, suggests that Laurel needs therapy after the most recent fire.
Ashley takes Sally’s advice and brings a counsellor round to talk to Laurel. Humiliated, Laurel can’t believe he has gone to such lengths insistent on making her point clear Laurel tells Ashley that she is leaving unless Sally is told to go. Will Ashley choose his wife or will Sally get her wicked way?
Emmerdale, ITV1 Monday to Friday

Top Soap: Coronation Street

This week we find Sally getting increasingly frustrated with tarty daughter Rosie and tells her to sell her car and stop sponging off her and Kevin. Rosie has other plans though and stuns John in the café by announcing she wants to be a doctor. He’s diplomatic until he realises she wants money from him for her ‘funding’ and politely declines. Scheming madam Rosie threatens to accuse John of assault if he does not give her £50,000 and when John firmly refuses Rosie opens the door and starts screaming for help.


Elsewhere, in a storyline that hasn’t gone down well with the Corrie massive, Molly is worried that Kevin has changed his mind about leaving their spouses so she is relieved and delighted when he meets her at the Crossroads Motel and confirms that he is ready to leave Sally – again.

ITVThe reason we’ve given Corrie top soap title this week is for what the Weatherfield residents do best – sitcom comedy. This week we get to see a fabulous little side plot of Teresa and Lloyd holding a party. A twist on the theme of Tarts and Vicars – Vicars and Liz MacDonald!

Invited guests include butcher Graeme and the factory girls. Oblivious to the theme of the gig Liz is puzzled when Graeme keeps staring at her in the Rovers. The factory girls meet in the pub, with Janice, Kelly and Fiz dressed in Liz-inspired outfits. Liz obliviously compliments Fiz’s outfit but eventually twigs what’s going on when Graeme turns up looking uncannily like her. Teresa arrives with Lloyd who is mortified and embarrassed for Liz.


Later on its bad news for Deirdre when she discovers she has a blockage in her drains. Sounds painful, the campaign stars here – Unblock Deirdre’s Drains.

Coronation Street, ITV1 Monday, Thursday and Friday


Soap Weekly has been returned to Fridays due to popular demand, and maybe because some broadcasters have embargoes on plots until Thursdays which makes it hard for an online mid-week page like this lovely one.

Previous Soap Weekly News:


Brian Park Seriously Ill
ATV News would like to pass on its best wishes to hit-drama and soap producer Brian Park who has suffered a brain haemorrhage while on holiday in Perugia, Italy.
Park is currently in intensive care, however ITV sources say he is ‘improving’ all the time. Park produced such shows as Bad Girls, Footballers Wives and Coronation Street. He was offered the role as Crossroads producer in 2002, but declined when he wasn’t given full control of its format and future.
Sexy ‘Enders
The Daily Star reported last week that the new EastEnders producer – due to start next year – wanted to sex up the BBC One soap.
The very fact it was in The Daily Star was enough for us to not run it as a main story. It is of course utter bo**ocks. It seems some lazy hack decided to make a story out of nothing. Brian Kirkwood, former Hollyoaks producer, is heading for Albert Square. Anyone with sense will know Hollyoaks and EastEnders are entirely different shows. One being a teenyboppers aimed series and Hollyoaks being for all the family.
Crossroads On DVD
Forty-Five years ago ATV Network opened the Crossroads Motel on ITV and now to celebrate that landmark event ITV and Network DVD are celebrating four decades since the famous Kings Oak night stop first hit the air with a huge 41-disc box set of all the surviving episodes between 1965 and 1979.
Crossroads is on sale now at all respectable retailers online and in-store.