Whittle calls for Strictly voting details to be released

Hollyoaks actor and Strictly Come Dancing runner-up Ricky Whittle has called for the voting details of the BBC One dancing competition to be released after losing to presenter Chris Hollins in the final on Saturday evening.

Ricky WhittleRicky Whittle has called for the voting details from Saturday evening’s final of Strictly Come Dancing to be released. The Hollyoaks actor lost out to BBC presenter Chris Hollins in the big final on Saturday evening but the actor now wants to see the details of the vote released – ala X Factor. 

“They never tell us and I don’t think they ever will, which is a bit of a shame. At the end of the day it’s a public channel. X Factor came out with all the stats and it would be nice to see how the voting was going to see what people were doing right and wrong.” – Ricky Whittle 

However, despite backing from a Liberal Democrat MP his plea is likely to fall on deaf ears as the BBC has already stated it does not reveal exact details of the public vote and will not be following The X Factor in revealing how close the final vote was. 

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