First Male Voted Off Dancing On Ice

Something unheard of is happening at ITV’s Dancing On Ice this year – the public are voting off the worst dancers rather than voting to keep in their favourite stars. Unless Bobby Davro and Gary Lucy are just not as popular as telly bosses think? In the battle of the men it was Davro v Lucy in the skate off.


In this week’s Dancing On Ice it was another gripping affair as the male participants took to the floor to give the audience a thrill. Okay maybe not gripping or thrilling, but entertaining none the less. Although unfortunately the public have voted out this years ‘worst-of-the-worst’ already, which is not good for the fun factor.


Surprisingly Bobby Davro was voted off the show, maybe the viewers this year are taking the show more seriously than previously and don’t want a week-on-week joke to return. It is a shame as it could have been the biggest laugh Davro has raised in years.


Instead, surprisingly good Gary Lucy was saved in the final skate off between the two poorest voted skaters. I’m surprised Lucy wasn’t saved by the viewers, who often vote on cute-factor as well as the are-they-any-good-factor. Others proved their worth, Boyzone’s Mikey Graham putting in a good performance, only marred by an-almost slip up and fall over. But speaking to Ronan Keating on Magic Radio earlier in the day Graham admitted he was incredibly nervous about the debut on ice, so they could have got the better of him for a moment.


TV-am and GMTV doctor, Hilary Jones also proved capable on the rink, although nearly dropping his skate-partner wouldn’t have been good for the girl, although it could have been a big boost to ratings. And luckily being a doctor instant medical assistance would have prevailed. Other highlights include the cute-factor with Danny Young, he also appears to have the can-do-it-factor so a possible new Ray Quinn – just without the over the top ego, bad hairdo and acne.