Celebrity Big Brother Week 4 Highlights

Highlights from the final week in the Celebrity filled Big Brother house in Elstree. This week’s highlights include Ivana having to deal with a fake poo, while more delightful sounds from Stephanie “Oh that’s naughty.. mmmmmn Oh yes! Oh!”. In the final instalment tomorrow we look at the last few days in the house including Alex getting his spray on tan to give him the ultimate Oompa-Loompa look and why Ivana was threatening to ‘go mad’ if she lost a nail.

DAY 19

8:36 am. Vinnie is reading the rule book in the lounge. He enters the Diary Room, book in hand to talk to Big Brother. Vinnie then complains about what he heard Sisqo saying “I’ve lost sleep.” “I’m boiling”. Big Brother asks Vinnie to clarify what Sisqo said. Vinnie is vague about the exact specific comments.

Vinnie chats to Dane in the kitchen. Dane reassures Vinnie that it was really just Sisqo voicing his opinion saying it seems like Vinnie’s house and Vinnie’s rules. Vinnie replies “All I’ve done is cleaned up and made dinner” and adds “I’ve been the perfect gentleman to everybody in this house.” Dane says “I’d agree with that”.
They all wonder if it could be down to jealousy. Vinnie comments “Pathetic”.

10.01am Sisqo wakes hungover … tells Stephanie it is going to be a good day.

10.27am Sisqo apologises to some of the housemates in the bedroom “I quit smoking – I’ve been a little snippy so I apologise.” Stephanie “Oh Honey Pie” she sympathises.

Dane is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother he thinks he’s going to talk to Sisqo and remind him of how things were when they all first came into the house and to get him to calm down. He hopes to get Sisqo back to the way he was in the first few days; funny and great to be around.

Vinnie is in the snug sitting under a blanket. Sisqo comes in to talk to him. He apologises for his behaviour. He explains he’s given up smoking – he drank too much.  Sisqo tells him he quit smoking and it’s not helped things. Vinnie explains perhaps it’s “too much pressure” – giving up smoking and being up for eviction.

11.17am. Alex is in the bath.. Nicola is squeezing his spots and Stephanie is watching
Stephanie “This is absolutely disgusting” as Nicola pops a big one.

Vinnie looks for Sisqo in the house and realises he must be in the Diary Room. Vinnie tells Stephen how Sisqo “Manned up and apologised, that is the end of it”

2.23pm In the bedroom Dane and Jonas talk about their experiences with ‘groupies’. Jonas tells them about the day he opened his door to find 3 girls dressed as bunny girls. Dane laughs surely it was just a question of showing them in!

Stephanie and Ivana are talking in the snug about being in the show and how it will change next week. Ivana warns that it will be fierce in the last week: “The guys could eat each other alive and you could win”. Stephanie does not think she can win, but tells Ivana “You have done nothing but good”.

They both admit they would have had regrets if they hadn’t done the show. Stephanie says she did get people advising her not to do it.. and knows “this show can bite you.” but she confesses “there are moments of this I will treasure forever.”

4.17pm Nicola is bashing as spoon against the surfaces in the kitchen as percussion! Stephanie joins in.. they sing “My spoon! My Spoon!” Stephen witnesses their display with confusion.

Dane is called to the Diary Room as a gift for being the key holder Big Brother has given him a box. He takes the key out of his pocket and puts it in the key shaped hole in the box.
He opens the box and finds a mini bottle of champagne and a big slice of chocolate cake.
Dane enjoys his treats before being told he has the power to allow another chosen housemate to share his cake with. All he has to do is tap that chosen person on the bottom and Big Brother will know his choice.

Dane leaves the Diary room and enters the Kitchen, where he slaps Stephanie on the bottom, pretending it was because she was interfering with his cooking. She suspects nothing.

6.01pm The housemates are all in fancy dress for a Vicars and Tarts Tea Party which is being held in the honour of Stephen Baldwin’s anniversary of 21 years of sobriety. Stephen is a vicar – Jonas is in drag as a tart. The housemates are given games to play, snacks and soft drinks. Stephen makes a short toast to God for helping him overcome his addiction.

7.49pm The housemates play pass the parcel and on each layer they receive presents.
Alex wins a pair of silky pink pants and Stephanie wins a pretend plastic poo which she gives to Jonas.

8.13pm The housemates are playing with an oversized Jenga set. Stephanie is called to the Diary Room where Big Brother drops a cake from the ceiling onto her lap.

She comes into the sitting room expressing her shock. She tells them what has happened and recounts how the cake was dropped with no explanation. Dane looks sheepish and surprised as he realises what has happened.

The rest of the housemates who are called into the Diary Room one by one.. and asked by Big Brother to move “left a bit” “right a bit” “remove your hat” etc.. they all expect cake to fall at any moment – but it doesn’t.

They all return to the bedroom where Stephanie realises she is the only one who has been covered in cake. She is amused.. Immediately Big Brother asks Stephanie to return to the Diary Room.. she enters with trepidation – expecting the worst. Big Brother checks Stephanie who is in her dressing gown, is sitting below the trap door.. then drops a big cake on her head.
She takes it very well and manages to laugh. “you’re such jerks – you’re idiots”.

9.47pm Ivana is in the lavatory.. Nicola thinks it would be funny to put the fake dog poo in her bed. She rushes off to find it. Nicola puts it in her bed.. all the housemates are in on the joke except Ivana.

Ivana comes out of the loo and at first doesn’t notice the poo when she sits on the bed.
She goes back into the bathroom, which causes much hilarity to the housemates, as she’s not seen it. When she exits and smells a terrible smell -Jonas has farted- she sits back on her bed – the poo is seen near her but she doesn’t see it.

Suddenly she finds it – laughs and holds it up.. “Awful it really does look like a dog poo.” She throws it across the room.


DAY 20

9.57am Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Sisqo is jumping around with his ‘Hunk 2010’ sign. The housemates look bemused and when he goes out of the room and the other housemates debate if he’s acting differently to try and stop getting voted off.

Stephanie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about who she would miss most from the three who are up for eviction tonight. Of Ivana, “do I treasure having really got to know her a bit – absolutely . She’s absolutely terrific” “She’s a woman of substance.” “I don’t often meet people that are truly more organised and disciplined than me.”

10.23 am Nicola is cutting Dane’s hair in the bathroom. He is a little wary “I just want it tidy.”

11.21am The Housemates are in the bedroom singing a song. Dane has made it up and Stephanie is singing with him. “Somebody’s making love to my girlfriend – and it aches me – that it aint me.” They join in improvising and singing in harmonies. Alex is stretching in the corner of the bedroom and listens to the words Dane is singing “Are you trying to tell me something Danus? I don’t like this song Danus.”

12.48pm The housemates are still singing but now Sisqo is involved and it’s “Housemates, Housemates who is going to go.” In the snug Stephen is talking to Stephanie about going back to normal life. Big Brother says “Big Brother has a headache would the housemates kindly pipe down.” And then plays in Bagpipe music. The housemates all laugh.

1.04pm Alex is in a bath.. the rest of the housemates are all around the house singing.
Alex on his own joins in. Jonas is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. Big Brother asks how he is getting along. He explains he doesn’t really speak to Vinnie and always feels like Vinnie is the expert and knows ten times more than him about anything. “I’m a Swedish Guy, computer nerd. Produces cheesy Euro Dance, what could I have in common with Vinnie. Really?”

2.25pm Stephanie and Ivana are in the snug. They think it’s a shame Nicky is only just really showing her real self. Stephanie thinks it might have been a wise move as it might keep her in. Ivana “I don’t think she likes me.” Stephanie explains she’s probably “scared”.

4.37pm The housemates have been given a Swedish Flat Pack task. As Jonas is Swedish he is in Swedish national dress and the project manager. The housemates have to erect two pieces of Flat Pack furniture. They are in two teams and Jonas has the instructions. Unbeknownst to the other housemates it is Jonas’s job to sabotage their progress.

The bell sounds for the end of the task and the housemates are told by Big Brother they have failed the task and therefore passed!

5.43pm Stephen, Sisqo and Ivana are packing their bags in the bedroom. Vinnie is commenting on Ivana packing “it takes her an hour just to get her drawers on in the morning.” Vinnie jokes Ivana will quickly forget Stephanie. “When she’s dancing in Annabel’s tonight. It will be ‘Stephanie seemed nice’ – ‘who?” Stephanie laughs

Vinnie teases her “If Steph sits on any more fences she’s gonna get splinters in her arse.” Stephanie thinks it’s hilarious.

6.09pm In the kitchen Vinnie and Dane are talking about who is going to be left in the house. They think it will be Stephen and Ivana who will go. Vinnie “I could put up with all of them – apart from Ivana she’s a bit of a pain” Dane and Vinnie laugh about how panicky she is.

Ivana is in the bathroom getting ready – she leaves and enters the kitchen. Vinnie doesn’t realise she is there and says “Poor old Ivana” She hears. She agrees “If I have to pack again I’ll kill myself.”

7.10pm Stephanie is wearing a dress. The housemates think it’s beautiful. Jonas “It would look much better if it was on the floor. “ Stephanie doesn’t hear so Nicola repeats Jonas’s comment. Stephanie scolds him playfully.

Ivana is sitting waiting in the sitting room. Jonas fills up a pan of ice cold water and carries it through into the shower. He opens the door and throws the water over a shocked and naked Alex Reid. The others run to watch him do it. In the bedroom Stephen laughs about Alex hiding his winky. Vinnie says it’s a good thing “that little bit of hotel soap covered it up.”

10.21pm The housemates are in the lounge. Alex runs thro what he’s been called today – “A knob tonight, I’ve been abused, I’ve been syndicated.” Vinnie “Vindicated, you prat” The housemates laugh. Alex says to Vinnie “That arrogance could be your downfall.”

Ivana comments “Vinnie, you didn’t speak to me for 3 days. You totally ignored me – I didn’t mind!” Vinnie explains he couldn’t get near her as so many people were ‘up her arse.’ The house is spoken to by Davina and Stephen is evicted. The housemates hear the chants and the boos. Stephanie does her best to help prepare Ivana for it “it’s Panto” – Ivana “It is what it is.”

10.40pm Davina speaks to the house again. Sisqo is evicted. As promised Alex screams “in your face brother”

11.10pm The housemates receive their reward for their earlier Flat Pack task. The snug has been turned into a Swedish Spa with Swedish massage oils, Swedish food and alcohol. Stephanie jumps up onto the massage table. Alex massages her with his ‘wooden balls’ Stephanie “Oh that’s naughty.. mmmmmn Oh yes! Oh!” Alex “You like it? my wooden balls”

Stephanie’s massage finishes and Ivana climbs up for hers. Alex once again enjoys massaging with his wooden balls. He laughs “I’ve massaged Ivana Trumps bum with my wooden balls.” He doesn’t reckon his partner would be very happy.

11.59pm Alex talks about present buying – he finds it very difficult and stressful buying Katie presents. This year he says he bought her an astrology reading which she didn’t like.. .. “it wasn’t as flattering”. Stephanie “It’s not meant to be flattering it’s the truth.” Nicola confesses “Simon buys me designer stuff and I’m not really like that.”

12.44am Dane confesses he feels awkward when Alex is talking about Katie as he’s only been with her for six months whilst he was with her for 2 ½ years. So he knows her better.

12.55am Nicola is making a fart noise by squeezing her hand under her armpit. She then decides to go one stage further.. she removes her tights and lies on the floor with a cushion between her legs.. and bicycles her legs in the air making a fart noises. Ivana is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about surviving the eviction. “I am very honoured”


DAY 21


10.27am It’s the morning after Stephen and Sisqo have been evicted. Stephanie reflects on the loss of characters from the house. Stephanie “a character like Sisqo” but Vinnie doesn’t agree “a character like Sisqo?” Vinnie says he didn’t like his jealousy. And didn’t like listening to him bad mouthing him whilst he was in the bedroom. Vinnie “in the old days I’d have never have took that Steph he’d have been thrown thro the window.”

Nicola and Ivana are doing their hair..Ivana realises her PR people and friends would have been up at the studios last night. Nicola “I was very happy that you stayed.” Ivana “Thank you.” Alex is balancing on his knees on Ivana’s gym ball. Stephanie tells him he will break it. Alex says “these things can take 20 stone! – I am 14” . Vinnie “yeah but with your weight and your ego it’s a bit more than 20 stone.”

11.11am In the garden Dane is joining in with Alex and Vinnie’s exercise.

11.55am Jonas is in the bedroom talking to Stephanie. He comments he’s never spent such a long time living with other people. Stephanie says it’s like déjà vu for her as she lived in a commune in the 60’s so it’s like ‘coming home’. She adds that in the 60’s they would have rounded on Vinnie though for being overly obsessed with his cleaning the house.

Nicola is in the snug when the Tree of Temptation speaks to her. “Pssst! Nicola, it’s me the tree.” “Stay where you are. Don’t let anyone know your talking to the tree.”

Nicola is offered the chance of winning a message from home, if she agrees to play a game of Kiss and Tell. Or Tell and Kiss! Over the course of today, Nicola must take aside each housemate and tell them a home truth. Then give them a kiss… As the tree said, “Just a peck, no tongues, I know what you Page 3 girls are like.” If she succeeds she will get a message from home. However, if she betrays the tree, she will face the wrath of the tree of temptation. Nicola agreed to the task..

It is not long before Nicola approaches Ivana in the kitchen who is dressed in an orange tracksuit asks where she got it.. and then “You look like a big fat orange.” Ivana explains it is one of her own collection. Ivana laughs and nods “an orange bird” . Nicola plants her kiss and gives her a hug.

12.24pm Nicola walks from the bedroom to the lounge arm in arm with Dane “you stink” “Don’t you think Dane’s really handsome but you remind me a bit of Danny De Vito”.
Dane “he’s a big fat bald dude.” – “why you being like this Nic?” She then goes over to Jonas and tells him he looks “like Roland Rat – you remind me of a rat.” Jonas looks baffled “A rat? A rat?”

12.58pm Alex is in the kitchen Nicola asks him “Alex when did you have your teeth whitened?” Alex “the day before I came in here.” She queries whether he’s been drinking tea.. he realises this is bad and could have discoloured them. She joins him at the mirror as they look at his teeth. Nicola “they look a bit green – they’re yellow.” She plants a kiss.

3.05pm Steph and Vinnie discuss coffee and money in the snug. Stephanie reckons it’s the first time she’s gone without real coffee in ages.

3.40pm Stephanie is in the kitchen Nicola looks at her and says “Stephanie you look like you’ve got a big bush on your head.” “you’ve got a big bush” Stephanie talks about how when big hair was the rage she did rather well. Alex and Jonas are talking about the name Basshunter.. Jonas says he used to like it more than he doesn’t now it’s a bit cheesy: Alex “We are both a bit cheesy”.

Nicola finds an opportunity to nip out to the snug to whisper to the Tree of Temptation…
She goes on to explain she can’t think how to get Vinnie as he’s too tall and she won’t be able to reach to give him a kiss. The Tree tells Nicola she is thick! The tree tells her she has until 6.00 to complete the task.

4.42pm Jonas is talking about skiing and snowboarding. Ivana “I don’t like snowboarding – the outfits are not elegant”. Vinnie ribs Dane about how long ago his band split up and questions how he got in here under the Celebrity umbrella.’ Vinnie thought there would be better celebrities in here. Vinnie is glad Richard Bacon isn’t in the house – “he’d have been irritating”. Stephanie talks about Pamela Anderson. Stephanie explains she got a slaughtering over her pantomime so wanted to get home to Dylan. She says she knows her.
Vinnie teases her about it.. “Did you only meet Marlon once?” Stephanie then talks about Marlon Brando and the film they did.

5.24pm Nicola approaches Vinnie in the kitchen and tells him he looks fat and like he’s put on quite a lot of weight. She points out where, she gets to give him a peck on the cheek when she comments she has always wanted to kiss Vinnie Jones.
6.42pm Vinnie guesses something is going on with Nicola. “that was quite bizarre”

Nicola is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells her to look at the plasma screen for her message from home. It is a video with her little daughter seen happily playing.

8.19pm The Housemates have been given drinks, nibbles and charades to play by Big Brother. The must “mime infamous and embarrassing celebrity faux pas” Vinnie reads out the instructions.. they all laugh as whenever he reads about the noises.. Big Brother plays the noises into the house. Alex puts his foot in it with the maths of how many times they will all have to go.

They play the game acting out famous public indiscretions. Jonas starts he reads his charade to act “Boy George Sent to Prison” Nicola guesses it. Then we see a montage of all the different titles and actions from the various different housemates. The housemates successfully complete the 14 charades in the allotted time and are told by Big Brother they have all earned an extra one hour and ten minutes in bed tomorrow morning.

9.49pm Everyone over 40 years old is in bed. In the lounge, Jonas, Alex, Dane and Nicola decide to play a drinking game. Jonas suggests they play “I Have Never.”
Nicola starts it off “I have never masturbated in the Big Brother house”
Jonas is the only one to drink – then explains “I didn’t finish coz Sisqo came in”

Alex confesses to having had a five-some although confesses “I didn’t even know it had happened.” “I didn’t believe it” He only knew because of photographic evidence. He admits it’s was the biggest sacrilege that “I don’t remember.” Dane drank too and asks “anyone had six?” smiles then drinks.

10.44pm Jonas is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. He admits he does sometimes find it quite difficult in the house as it seems like they always talk over him.


DAY 22

8:41am Last night, as part of a celebrity charades task, housemates earned a lie-in of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Housemates are unaware that prior to this, Big Brother had been planning to wake them at 7:30am.

Housemates are woken up by a Rick Astley song. They realise the time and Vinnie turns off the lights and tells everyone to go back to sleep. The song is played again and Ivana dances around the bedroom to it whilst Nicola and Stephanie sway in time to the music.

9:45am Most of the housemates are in the lounge. Vinnie says to Stephanie that he thinks she’ll be in the paper with Heidi for both bonking Marlon Brando. Stephanie replies “oh yes, we both have the T-shirt”. Vinnie adds that he wonders who else there could be who they’ve both had.

Dane says there’s been a bit of that going on in here and adds that it wasn’t nice for Alex last night to hear about his and Katie Price’s sex tape. He goes on to announce that it was more searched than Pammy’s sex tape and was “the biggest thing on the internet”.

11:17am Alex collects a mystery wooden box from the store room. He opens it in the living room and reads aloud to housemates that they have to be chained to another housemate for the day so they can get to know each other better. Vinnie is paired with Ivana, Alex is paired with Dane, and Nicola, Jonas and Stephanie are together.

Ivana jokes and tells an unimpressed Vinnie that she needs to “go to bathroom”. She sits on Vinnie’s knee, gives him a hug, kisses his head and says “I can become to know you better”. Vinnie squirms.

12:17pm Alex and Dane are in the kitchen washing up when Alex gets water on his sock. Him and Dane start to moan about everywhere in the kitchen being wet. Vinnie and Ivana are in the bathroom. Vinnie takes Ivana’s chains off so that she can go for a shower. He must wait by the door as she goes in.

Alex is still moaning about there being water all over the kitchen surfaces. Stephanie, Jonas and Nicola walk past the kitchen and Dane asks them “who was stupid enough to wash up the lettuce and leave water everywhere?” They tell him it was Vinnie, Vinnie then shouts from the bathroom that it was Stephanie that washed it and she’s trying to blame him. Alex continues to moan and Vinnie shouts to him to “stop being a minge and take some hormone tablets”.

1:05pm Vinnie is brushing his hair in the bathroom. Ivana mutters “we’ve got all day” Alex wonders aloud about why he is hated. Dane tells him that it’s probably to do with the fact that the public don’t like Katie so they don’t like her boyfriend either.

Jonas admits to Stephanie and Nicola that he’s never had a proper conversation with Vinnie as when he talks to Vinnie all his self-confidence disappears. He adds that Vinnie is one of his favourite actors and he’s very like the characters he plays. Stephanie says that she has to go to the toilet and as they all have to go Nicola says “we might as well squeeze one out” Stephanie tells her to rephrase it and that “going to the bathroom” will be fine. They pause to laugh at Ivana and Vinnie together.

2:14pm Big Brother has called Stephanie, Nicola and Jonas to the Diary Room. Asked about how they are getting on Jonas says that he’s enjoying being chained to two very sweet women. The rest of the housemates are in the snug, talking about shopping. Vinnie talks about how he paid £400 for a pair of socks, Dane and Alex are shocked. The banter continues. Ivana tells them she has had enough of the “boxing bullshit”

4:05pm Dane goes to the toilet whilst still chained to Alex. Alex turns his back to Dane whilst he has a wee and his face says it all when Dane walks out and doesn’t wash his hands.

5:01pm  Nicola thinks that she’s put weight on in the house, Stephanie thinks she has too. They feel each other’s bottoms. Jonas tells Nicola that a woman should have curves.

5:58pm Housemates have been chained together for 6 and a half hours. Nicola and Stephanie complain they are bored on the sofa. Big Brother tells the housemates that they can unchain themselves. Nicola is excited and Jonas asks whether it was useful, Stephanie retorts there was about half an hour of usefulness.

6:28pm Jonas sings a song that he made up to Nicola, she joins in. Dane is in the Diary Room, Big Brother tells him because he is the keeper of the key he has access to a secret room which he can take one housemate into after the others have gone to bed. Dane decides to take Jonas.

7:05pm Dane and Jonas go out to the smoking area where Dane shares his secret. Jonas is really happy that Dane picked him and says even if it is an eviction ‘I love you’. They speculate about what might be in the room.

7:17pm Stephanie tells Ivana that she feels very childlike and happy in the house and likes having no responsibilities. Ivana says that it will be interesting if the public are now deciding who goes. Dane tells Vinnie and Alex that he doesn’t think he will get to the end and that Vinnie will win because he’s very likable. Alex says that he’s surprised to get this far but he would like to win.

8:53pm Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom. Ivana is called to the Diary Room, Vinnie makes fun of her shouting about her putting her wig on in the bathroom. Ivana goes to the Diary Room and when she’s out of earshot Vinnie says “high five grandma” In the Diary Room, Ivana says that she liked being chained to Vinnie as he teases her and they made a good team.

10:50pm Most of the Housemates have been asleep for one hour and five minutes

In the garden Jonas and Dane wonder if they should go into the secret room. They decide to play rock, paper, scissors and as Jonas wins they go into the room. Inside there is a Nintendo Wii, pizza, beer and sexy pictures of the female housemates. Dane says “I don’t care if they catch us, I’m staying here all night”. After they have finished the beers, they creep back into the bedroom and lay in bed smiling.


CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. The winner of Celebrity Big Brother 7 is revealed on Friday 29th January 8.30pm on Channel 4.