General Hospital to introduce new opening titles


ABCABC medical-soap is to introduce a new set of opening titles to mark the show’s 12,000th episode. The soap’s current titles have been in use since 2004 with very little change but to mark such a mammoth milestone the saga is to unveil a brand new look.



Later this month ABC’s General Hospital will unveil a brand new opening ABCtitle to coincide with a very important milestone in the soaps history – 12,000 episodes. General Hospital’s current opening titles have been in use since 2004 with very little change meaning characters long since departed still appear within them – but all of that is now about to change.  With the new opening titles will also come a series a big storylines to mark the occasion as well – after all few programmes reach such an impressive number. General Hospital first aired in April of 1963 and since then has been named Outstanding Drama Series an impressive ten times during its history.


General Hospital’s golden era was undoubtedly the 1980s when a series of more action, thriller and spy stories saw audiences in their millions tune in – memorable characters were abound. Like all the other soaps in America since the 1990’s ratings have slowly declined and some soaps have been cancelled along the way; Another World, Passions, Sunset Beach, Guiding Light and most recently As The World Turns. So for a soap in the currently climate to reach 12,000 episodes is something of an achievement worth celebrating.