Five have no plans to acquire The Bill

The BillFans of The Bill who were hoping another broadcaster would pick the police drama up – after ITV’s announcement on Friday that it was being cancelled – will be disappointed to know that Five have no plans to do so. Five was touted as a possible new broadcaster of the series because it’s parent company is the same one that owns the producers of The Bill but a spokesperson for Five has told ATV News that there are no plans for Five to acquire the series.




The BillFans of The Bill were hoping to save the programme by getting another broadcaster to pick it up have been dealt a blow today. A campaign was launched over the weekend to that affect and so far nearly 6000 people have joined a group on Facebook campaigning to save the police-drama. Broadcaster Five was touted as one possible channel to which The Bill could move – mainly because Five is owned by RTL who own the production company behind the police series. However, when ATV News contacted Five yesterday the broadcaster said they “we currently have no plans to do so”.




This doesn’t necessarily mean full stop that Five won’t pick the series up if the broadcaster see’s there is enough demand for The Bill still – if the campaign to save it gets many thousands of members and more press coverage it could reconsider. The BBC was another possible broadcaster fans were hoping would be interested especially as its own foray into The Bill style of drama hasn’t been successful; Mersey Beat and Holby Blue. The campaigners are hoping that the BBC will pick up the series as its an established brand with a loyal fan base rather than attempt launching another new cop-drama sometime in the future.


You can join the campaign to save The Bill by clicking here >>