Vicky Binns to leave Coronation Street

Viewers of Coronation Street rejoice at the news the character of Molly Dobbs is being killed off.

“It’s been a joy to be involved in such a fantastic storyline and it is only right that it has the explosive ending viewers are waiting for. I am very excited about playing out the rest of this plot and indeed about what the future holds. I’ve had an amazing time in the show and feel it’s right to leave on such a high.” – Vicky Binns

ITV Granada have announced, via their official Coronation Street website, that former Emmerdale actress Vicky Binns is to leave the popular saga later this year. The actress plays Molly Dobbs in the Weatherfield set serial. The character has proved somewhat un-popular with a section of fans who have nicknamed her “Chucky” after the film character. Her departure follows a storyline that saw her have a fling with Kevin Webster.

Ever since she started her affair with Kevin, Molly has been torn between her lover and her husband. Kevin and Molly’s plans to leave their spouses were scuppered on Christmas Day when Sally revealed to a stunned Kevin that she was suffering from breast cancer.

Molly still left Tyrone, but just weeks later discovered she was pregnant and, unsure of whether Kevin or Tyrone was the father and facing the future as single mum, she went back to an unsuspecting Tyrone. Now with the baby due in the early autumn more shocks are planned, however the BAFTA winning Coronation Street crew are keeping the future twists secret for now. It has however been suggested, strongly, that the character will be killed-off.

The Molly and Kevin affair story didn’t sit well with fans and Kieran Roberts, executive producer of the ITV Granada soap, had to defend the storyline after readers of the Radio Times, Inside Soap, Radio Times, Soap Chat, Digital Spy and ATV Today all criticised the plot – labeling it implausible by suggesting it was utterly out-of-character for Molly. Kieran Roberts however, answering questions from the readers of Radio Times, described the plot as “plausible”.