Molly Dobbs Departure: Your Views

ATV Today takes a look at the ‘Word on the Web’ over the news Vicky Binns has “been binned” from Coronation Street after five years – as her character of Molly Dobbs is written out of the series.



On the whole Corrie fans seemed in the majority delighted with the news Molly was leaving.


As TV expert Lorna Cooper observed “Molly has been involved in a torrid affair with Kevin Webster, her husband Tyrone’s boss… …The irony of all this is that the Molly and Kevin storyline has backfired spectacularly. Fans hate it, critics think it’s ridiculous and the actors concerned have had to, in effect, defend the storyline. Little wonder the errant Corrie twosome have been branded one of TV’s worst couples.”


The official Coronation Street Facebook Page was heaving with opinions. Reza Calloo said “Good. Can’t stand her! Dhe is Fiona from Shrek!”


While Tootie Hyatt added “AWESOME NEWS! Long last the bride of chucky will be gone!” and “Let her run off with Dev the worst actor on telly” added Ray Glennie.


Clare Bowden “I am in Canada and the affair has just begun in the last two weeks and I am already sick of it!!! Don’t care whether she leaves or stays, just stop the god awful snogging with Kevin!!!!” and “Thank god for that. Absolutely can’t stand that character.” Said Ali Hart.


It didn’t fair much better on SoapChat for the character either, Ome said “First Ashley and Claire, maybe Maria, and now Molly is off. Things are looking up.” While Joanna H added “Great news!…..who can we wish for them to get rid of next?”


Slightly more positive JROG said “That’s a shame–I quite liked Molly before she was ruined by the craziness of the affair storyline.”


And even at Coronation Street Blog we were hard pushed to find anything pro-Molly. “Worst couple ever. No chemistry. No logic. Everyone now hates Kevin for what he’s done to Tyrone. It’s like kicking a puppy!” Said Tvor on the affair storyline, and Roonyman took it to another level by suggesting, “One of the worst ideas ever to have these two have an affair. Now everyone hates the two of them, Vicky Binns is boo’ed apparently when she is out, and I don’t think there is anywhere for the characters to go now. I cringe when either of them come on screen. The Websters and the Dobbs should be axed.”


And an anon poster finished the debate off with “All the stories on corrie are about cheating couples cant they find something else to write about?”


Fans of ‘The Street’ face another issue when Kim Crowther, in one of her last acts as producer, bends British Justice by freeing the character Tracey Barlow after only a few years inside – having been found guilty of the murder of Charlie Stubbs. It’s the kind of taking the viewer for granted that even Crossroads wouldn’t have insulted its viewers with. Coronation Street may be thinking it can be cocky because of 50 years on-air. But they should learn from Brookside – and other sagas – that once viewers stop believing in what they’re seeing, once credibility is over stretched, you’re on a one-way slippery slope. Hopefully the new producer won’t treat the viewers like morons as the previous one has done, after all Corrie is the nations soap, not Sunset Beach.