Brookside fans hope for Five pick-up

Recently, as ATV reported, fans of former Channel 4 serial Brookside have been communicating with the Channel Five broadcaster over their hopes it could be revived. In the past Channel Five has completely ruled itself out of resurrecting the soap – until today.

In the past when ATV – or any other media outlet for that matter – have discussed Brookside with Channel Five, the response has always been that the network has no plans to repeat or revive the Liverpool based saga which told the stories of residents of a cul-de-sac.

However, today a Channel Five spokesperson told ATV Network;

“We are always pleased to hear from our viewers and thank them for their interest in our future plans.  We are at a very exciting time in our history and have some great shows coming up that we hope viewers will enjoy.  However, we are not in a position to reveal those shows yet, but we are hoping to make some fantastic programme announcements in the coming weeks and months.”

A non-committal response, maybe, but not the flat out denial issued to outlets in the past which may raise hopes of the broadcaster taking on the soap in some form.

Presently the real houses (though adapted for filming) which make up Brookside close are in a state of disrepair so any revival would entail the purchase and restoration of these or a recreation of the iconic set.

“It’s an encouraging response. Maybe they could repeat all of the episodes if they buy the archive editions from channel 4.


“However it would be amazing if Five did end up contacting the current owner to buy the properties and the show was revived though this is unlikely (being realistic and not negative).” – Brookside fan and DVD Campaign manager, Lee Brady

It’s been reported that the new owners of the broadcaster have been interested in bringing back to UK television screens series’ such as chart show Top Of The Pops and recently axed Big Brother.