EastEnders fans complain about drug storyline

EastEnders fans have complained to the BBC over the current drug addiction storyline involving Phil Mitchell in the soap.

According to bastion of quality publications, The Sun, over 200 EastEnders “fans” have complained about the current drug addiction storyline involving Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Scenes in Monday’s episode of the popular BBC One soap saw the character indulge in a cocaine binge with Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) after being booted out of the Queen Vic for attacking Peggy (Barbara Windsor).

The storyline aims to raise awareness of the serious damaging affects of drug addiction but hasn’t gone down well with some viewers. According to the tabloid of ill repute 200 viewers have slammed it. However, EastEnders executives at the beeb’s Elstree Centre and drug charity Drugscope have both defended the plot.

EastEnders has been subjected to a wide range of complaints from viewers over the past year from the gay kiss between Christian and Syed to more recently the circumcision storyline involving Darren Miller.